Review: "Play of Light" by Debra Doxer

Note: This ARC was provided by Xpresso Book Tours via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Play of Light is the first novel by author Debra Doxer that I've read and I must say that I was rather impressed with how different the story was from a lot of the other new adult (NA) novels and novellas I've come across before. This had a bit of mystery thriller mixed in with the romance and while there were some things I was half expecting to come to light actually come to fruition, there were others that caught me by surprise and I so love it when that happens! ^.^

When Sarah Walsh and Spencer Pierce first meet, she's an awkward twelve-year-old and he's a mysterious fourteen-year-old. They begin a friendship that they don't speak of with anyone else, allowing them to share secrets with one another. Spencer's secrets are dark and painful, secrets that Sarah knows she should tell her policeman father, but Spencer makes her promise to never speak of it with anyone. She doesn't want to lose her friendship with Spencer so she remains silent.

When the bruises escalate to an unbelievably brutal incident, Sarah tells her father the abuse Spencer has suffered, knowing that he'll be able to help her friend. On that fateful night, Sarah's life changes forever. Her beloved father is murdered and she witnesses what happens. As desperate as she is to get the truth out and find justice for her father, she is forced to leave with her remaining family for her own protection. Things are made worse when Spencer pushes her away and breaks her heart.

Fast forward five years later and Sarah wants to return to the place she once called home, needing closure. She crosses paths once again with Spencer and while the anger she feels towards his inability to step up and help her and what he said and did to her is still very much there, she can't deny the pull towards him. As Spencer tries to mend their broken friendship, the truth about the depth of their feelings for each other come to the surface but Sarah knows she still needs to expose the truth about her father's death.

This was an enjoyable read and one that threw a number of curve balls, a definite plus because it kept the story from becoming boring. The characters were interesting and I'm glad that there wasn't some easy fix for what happened between Sarah and Spencer. The flashback chapters made it easier to understand how this secret friendship was truly a deep one and just why Sarah felt shattered by what Spencer said and did but also made their re-connection all the more satisfying to read. Play of Light gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 08 December 2014

Date read: 07 December 2014

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