Review: Until It Was Love by Pippa Grant

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

There's no place quite like Copper Valley, Virginia, so a return visit is always a welcome one. This go-around, Pippa Grant introduces readers to the town's rugby team, the Copper Valley Pounders. I'm not sure if Until It Was Love is solely meant to be a singular companion novel to three series set in the same location--The Copper Valley Thrusters (hockey), The Copper Valley Fireballs (baseball), and Bro Code (former pop band)--or if it's the first in a new series featuring the Pounders. Either way, Grant's newest romantic comedy of a pro rugby player and a life coach and their rather complicated situationship made for an entertaining few hours and has me really hopeful for more rugby romance.

At thirty-four. Australian Fletcher Huxley's move to Copper Valley, Virginia to play for the town's professional rugby team feels like his last shot at a reimagined legacy, what with the way things ended with his former team back in London. Convincing his teammate's sister to go out on a date with him is part of his plan. The problem is, she isn't exactly a fan, not when she believes she has good reason to detest him. But twenty-three-year-old (or is it twenty-four-year-old?) Jessica Collins, known as Goldie, may have a better reason to say yes. What better way to get back at her overbearing and overprotective brother who interferes in her dating life than to date the rugby legend teammate he can't stand?

Ah, the situationship... It's such a twenty-first century thing. To me, it's a relationship that has no label and parameters. Let's face it, more often than not, that sort of thing ends up becoming really complicated, as was the case between Goldie and Fletcher. I mean, the man had a mustache that should have scared her away, yet she went and fell for him. I couldn't blame her. Scary 'stache aside, Fletcher was a sweetheart, and his fur dad skills were above par. His absolute devotion to dear Sweet Pea had me all swoony. Then there were the seasoned ladies of the Outlive Our Ex-Boyfriends Club and some of the Pounders who brought the wit and wisdom. It was definitely love for Until It Was Love. Five stars!

Release Date: 11 April 2024

Date Read: 04 April 2024

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