Audio Review: Take Me, I'm Yours by Lili Valente, narrated by Ryan West & Lili Valente

Note: The audiobook was provided by the author.

Lili Valente surpassed any and all my expectations with Take Me, I'm Yours. I honestly feel like this is her best work to date. She's a whiz when it comes to her hilarious romantic comedies, but there's just something about this latest standalone of hers that has me smitten. It's swoony and witty and just hits me in the feels. The main characters, Sydney and Gideon, have a decade and a half age gap between them, but it never felt salacious. Add to that the surprising revelation of who Gideon actually is, and it was as if the odds were stacked against these two. So, does true love conquer all or are Sydney and Gideon headed for heartache?

From the get-go, this story had me, and there was simply no way that grip Sydney and Gideon had on my heart was going to slip. That's in large part due to Lili Valente's writing, which just felt so inspired from start to finish. I loved the element of the forbidden, more so the acknowledgment that as hot as things were between them physically, this was true love for both and how they were willing to fight for what they had as a couple. There were pleasant little surprises when it came to the direction the story took, and I'm always a fan of an author who manages to do that, especially in an admittedly crowded genre like romance. Valente also happens to be one of the narrators of this audiobook, and with Ryan West narrating alongside her, they've elevated Take Me, I'm Yours to eargasmic levels. Five-plus stars.

Date Listened to: 05 April 2024

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