Review: Hatemates by J.D. Hollyfield

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via The Author Agency.

I'm feeling nothing but love for Hatemates, J.D. Hollyfield's newest standalone and a companion novel to a previous standalone, Power. While you could most certainly read and fully enjoy this latest book without having read anything prior to it, I do highly recommend you check out Power first and then Hatemates because the main characters from the former feature prominently in the latter, and the female main character in the latter is a supporting character in the former. In short, just go and read both novels!

This is an enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense read, and boy, oh boy, did I enjoy the heck out of the romance, the suspense, and everything else in between. Twenty-four-year-old bartender Mindy Parks finds herself stuck with thirty-two-year-old bodyguard Tate Deveraux, but that's better than being stuck with a stalker who's become increasingly dangerous. She can't stand him, and she gets on his nerves, but being in close proximity to each other 24/7 has them crossing a line that could cost Tate his job and Mindy her life.

So. Much. Tension! I swear, I could snack on all that zinging I could feel in the air whenever Mindy and Tate were in each other's space, which was quite often. Mindy was a strong woman who didn't let anyone steamroll her, but she also had to come to terms with the reality of her stalker situation. And Tate? Gah! The man was just...yum! All the bickering was the best kind of foreplay. Fay and Theo were perfect peripheral characters, too. There was romance, suspense, humor, and all the feels. Five stars for Hatemates!

Release Date: 04 April 2024

Date Read: 03 April 2024

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