Release Blitz: The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss by Lance Lansdale

The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss
by Lance Lansdale
Release Date: April 3, 2024

About The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss
There is a home in New Orleans where—for a price—even the unlovable can find a love story for the ages. Ms. Broussard's Home for Bountiful Beaus offers custom-made automatons, fully versed in the art of homemaking.

Arthur Price is not looking for love. The lonely librarian clings to work and routine to keep himself functioning. When his brother, Jared, arrives in the middle of the night with an i-Series automaton meant to lift his spirits, he realizes his routine life is about to be upended. Cheerful to a fault, Periwinkle is not someone Arthur would normally choose to befriend, much less enter into a romantic entanglement with, but he somehow programs himself perfectly into his life.

Miraculously, Arthur finds himself growing almost… fond of the robot.

Periwinkle may not possess much experience outside cleaning, but he can’t help noticing the loneliness in his librarian’s eyes. If it means giving Arthur Price a fresh start, Periwinkle is more than happy to stitch together all of Arthur’s broken pieces.

The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss is a cozy, dual POV, slow-burn romance about a lonely librarian and his made-to-order boyfriend.

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An Excerpt from The Househusband's Guide to Domestic Bliss
Periwinkle couldn’t speak. He couldn’t do much else than stare into Arthur’s eyes. Did Arthur even have to ask? Of course, he’d missed him. Arthur was his home. Periwinkle knew he needed to answer, but it was like someone had shut off his voice function. Like they’d cracked his skull wide open and taken out his courage, piece-by-piece.

So, when Periwinkle couldn’t speak, he did the only thing he could think to of. He brought his index finger to his lip and pressed a kiss to the tip. When he was done, he held it against Arthur’s lips. And if a tear trickled down his cheek when Arthur kissed it back, that would just have to be their little secret.

Periwinkle spent the rest of the night watching Arthur rest. He couldn’t deny how nice Arthur’s arm felt wrapped around him. He wondered if it would be like this going forward. Would Arthur always share a bed with him? If he did, would Arthur expect the things Periwinkle saw in his magazine.

Heat sizzled across his face. It was far too early in the morning for Periwinkle to worry about the men in the magazine.

Far too early, indeed.

About Lance Lansdale

Like Kent Fox, I'm a thirty-something gay man with a flair for the dramatic and a passion for gay romance and LGBTQ+ fiction. I write stories focusing on queer joy and families found along the way. My debut novel, We Burn Beautiful, was released last year.

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