Review: Forbidden in the Falls by J.E. Birk (Devon Falls #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

We're back in the fictional town of Devon Falls with the second novel in the small town romance series by the same title from J.E. Birk. Forbidden in the Falls is an age-gap, forbidden M/M romance with Malachai Flynn and Dr. Samuel Evers as the main characters. (Side note: The name Malachai made me think of that evil supporting character from the Children of the Corn movie. I'm happy to note, however, that the Malachai who lives in Devon Falls and falls for Sam is not evil. Like, not even a little bit, much to Avon Loseff's disappointment, but you'll have to read the book to figure out why.) You don't necessarily need to read Fauxmance in the Falls before reading this new book, but if you're like me and you prefer reading books in a series in order so you don't miss out on previous happenings, do check the series starter out.

Malachai Flynn knows how fortunate he is that his bosses at Lancer Family Medicine, and being accepted at the nursing school he's always wanted to attend is a dream come true. However, the twenty-one-year-old finds himself without a home because he needs to save his money before school starts. Sleeping in his car was his only alternative, but Dr. Sam Evers wasn't having it once he stumbled upon Malachai's situation. Offering the younger man a room in his rental was the responsible thing to do, but the thoughts and feelings he stirs in Sam make the thirty-five-year-old doctor and widower want things he believes he has no right to. With both of them leaving though, maybe they can both take what they need.

When you see how Malachai and Sam were in the beginning of the story--heck, even back in the first novel!--and you see how they are by the end of their book, you realize how much growth these two have gone through as main characters. Malachai was bullied growing up and Sam had lost his husband who was also one of his closest friends, and there was a fair amount of hesitation on the latter's end and a whole lot of insecurity on the former's end that had them going back and forth as far as their relationship was concerned. Everything does end happily, of course, and having Jack and Benson around was great, plus I'm looking forward to getting to know Sam's brother, Tom, and brother-in-law, Colin, plus Malachai's new friend, Gabe, better in the third Devon Falls book. I'm curious to see if Milo is going to be getting his own book as well. Fingers crossed! Forbidden in the Falls receives four out of five stars.


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Release Date: 11 April 2024

Date Read: 06 April 2024

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