Review: Real Good Man by Meghan March (Real #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Bestselling author Meghan March starts the year off with her latest release, Real Good Man, the first book in the Real duet. Loosely connected to the Dirty Billionaire trilogy and the Dirty Girl duet, male main character Logan Brantley was introduced in Dirty Together, the third book in the former series, and female main character Banner Regent was introduced in Dirty Girl, the first book in the latter series, and they both appear in Dirty Love, which is where they "meet" via text message. This duet starter can be read independently of the two previous series, so don't worry if you haven't read either one or both. You can totally go into Logan and Banner's love story and enjoy.

Logan Brantley is a car mechanic who owns his own garage in Kentucky; Banner Regent knows how to party like there's no tomorrow and lives in New York. What began as Banner's best friend borrowing Logan's phone to send a message to Banner has now become a weeks-long text exchange that's turned into an actual friendship. Logan is the go-to guy for Banner when she has a question about what a real man would do. What they share is easy and free of expectations. But then Logan informs Banner that he's on his way to New York, leading her to get anxious and drunk messaging him dirty texts. The last thing she Banner wants to do is to have Logan end up as just another one night stand. But that's always been her M.O. Can this party girl change her ways for one really good redneck?

This duet is off to a great start! Logan and Banner are an enigmatic pair but I get why they're so drawn to one another. Those text messages they exchanged prior to meeting were as real as they got, neither one feeling the need to pretty up or dumb down whatever it was they were thinking or feeling. Maybe like me, it was easier for them to share a more honest part of themselves with another person when words were all they had to exchange--no expectations. There was one point, though, that I wasn't exactly liking Banner and her treatment of Logan, but she did win me over again later on. This does end in a cliffhanger (gah!), but there's only a two-week wait in between both books, so fretting can be kept at a minimum (yeah right). The one thing I didn't quite like was Banner's neighbor, who I get was someone she liked, but I just didn't get it. Oh well. Real Good Man gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 January 2017

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