Review: Down Deep by Virna DePaul (Going Deep #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Season Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Ten years ago, high school senior Camille Pollart's attention was focused on graduation, taking photographs for the yearbook, and her unrequited crush on one particular member of the school's football team. But when Heath Dawson and his father humiliated her in front of everyone watching a game by thinking she was the waterboy, her feelings for him quickly morphed into anger, and she took out her revenge on him by making sure he was publicly embarrassed by way of a photograph that made him and another player appear to be caught in a compromising position. When their paths cross a decade later, Camille is a professional photographer working on a benefit project with the Savannah Bootleggers organization in hopes of earning a more permanent spot. She's even willing to bear with having to be in the same vicinity as the team's wide receiver, none other than Heath Dawson. But when Heath notices just how grown-up the girl he's nicknamed "Waterboy" is, he pursues her and they begin to fall. But can the single mom put her heart on the line once again for the very same guy that broke it ten years ago?

Down Deep is my very first Virna DePaul read and not only was it a good one, it started things off quite nicely for the author's new sports romance series, Going Deep, which is about the Savannah Bootleggers, a professional football team. This first book in the series was an enemies to lovers romance and I adored Camille and how she got back at Heath when they were both seniors in high school. Of course, Heath was somewhat of a jerk with the whole waterboy incident, but the more I got to know the real him as the story progressed, the clearer it became that he was actually a nice guy who probably could have done a better job explaining himself and communicating with Camille in high school. There's definite chemistry between these two and the back and forth between them made for an entertaining read. We're also introduced to two other notable Bootleggers who happen to be Heath's closest friends on the team--Kyle Young and Alec LeBrun, with the latter's story regarding an unplanned pregnancy and the team's publicist's, Ruby O'Brien, reaction to him have me itching for more. I'm giving Down Deep 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 02 January 2017

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