Review: Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Dirty Deeds was originally released more than a decade ago, but I can't compare the 2006 edition with this re-edited and re-worked 2017 edition since I wasn't able to read the original release. This also happens to be my very first Lorelei James read and now I get why she's a favorite of many a romance and erotica reader. This story of bad boy Nathan LeBeau and good girl Tate Cross is wickedly sexy, having two main characters who have opposing reputations. However, they're both looking for a change of pace. Nathan wants to prove that he is indeed capable of being in a romantic relationship and not merely into hook-ups and one-night stands. On the other hand, Tate's broken heart needs a break and the last thing she needs is to be in yet another committed relationship that could lead to disappointment. Can these two find the middle ground between the promise of love and sexual pleasure?

This book was dirty indeed, in all the best ways possible. I liked that these were two people who used to live their lives on opposite ends of the spectrum, but find one another just when they've both decided that they're ready for something different. Nathan never wanted for female companionship, but all he needed was the physical release. Now, he wants something more and it's with Tate, who may have wanted the same thing prior to experiencing getting he heart stomped on. What she wants now is a no-strings-attached affair. Nothing more, nothing less. It was interesting to see how these two tried to convince one another that their way of thinking was the "right" one. I really liked Nathan, especially because he actually was quite sweet and definitely knew a thing or two about romancing Tate. Dirty Deeds has me wanting to read even more of Lorelei James's books. This one gets four stars. ♥

Re-Release Date: 09 January 2017

Date Read: 09 January 2017

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