Review: Dead of Eve, Heart of Eve, Blood of Eve, and Dawn of Eve by Pam Godwin (Trilogy of Eve #1-#3)

Note: These ARCs were provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently in the middle of a series hangover courtesy of having read the four books in the Trilogy of Eve series over the past four days. Prior to this series, I had only read one Pam Godwin novel--Beneath the Burn--back in 2013, a book that I absolutely loved and count as one of my all-time favorite dark romance reads. Please don't ask me to even attempt to explain why I haven't read any other Pam Godwin novels because I seriously can't give you an acceptable enough reason other than my usual slogan when it comes to reading: "So many books, so little time." But with the Eve books, I'm hoping to make inroads and hope to work my way through her back list before she releases something new and I end up even farther behind than I already am. But I digress! I'm still trying to come up with a review that will sufficiently put into words how so blown away I was by this dark dystopian series.

Because all the books are connected--in short, you can't read the books out of order or else you're going to end up hopelessly lost--this review is consolidated, meaning I've put together my thoughts and feelings in just one review to cover the four books: Dead of Eve, Heart of Eve, Blood of Eve, and Dawn of Eve. The first three are about Evie, who has lost her husband but survived a virus that has taken every other single woman, leaving her the lone female. There are only a few men left with the rest having become mutants. Every single one is after Evie--except for three: a Lakota warrior named Jesse, a priest named Roark, and a doctor named Michio. They become her protectors, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Sacrifices have to be made and when all hope seems lost, it is later restored in the form of Dawn, Evie's daughter, whose own tale unfolds in the final novel of this fab collection.

All I've given is an overview of the series because giving any more details would spoil the entire experience for those of you who have yet to venture into all things Eve. Each of the books is an intense read and I highly recommend that you have nothing else scheduled for the day when you decide to read them. I didn't want to have anything to distract me because the multi-layered story and multi-dimensional characters are complex but not in a way that'll leave you with a headache because of everything that goes on. Evie is, indeed, one of the most unforgettable female main characters that I've ever encountered. Adversity is nothing new to her but she holds her own against everything that's thrown her way, even as she often underestimated simply because she happens to be female. She isn't your typical damsel in distress and she isn't a victim. She is every bit a heroine AND a woman.

Don't forget that Evie isn't alone in her journey. Jesse, Roark, and Michio are by her side and her individuals relationships with each one of them along with their relationship as a group are obviously complicated, and these three males are far from perfect, yet you can't fault for their devotion to Evie and her mission. Then there's Dawn, who crosses paths with Salem, and their story brings with it its own set of complexities and difficulties. By the time I was done with the series, I had gone through a myriad of emotions, but the one that stood out most was the feeling of empowerment these books gave me. There's nothing "just" about being a woman or human. We make the most of our circumstances and can choose to either stand back and let the story play out according to everyone else or take the reins and become the hero(ine) we're meant to be. Five-plus stars times a hundred for this unforgettable series, with each of the books getting five-plus stars apiece. No one does dark romance quite like Pam Godwin, and with the Trilogy of Eve, she has cemented her reputation as a gifted author in a class all her own. ♥

Dates Read: 
Dead of Eve - 13 January 2017
Heart of Eve - 14 January 2017
Blood of Eve - 15 January 2017
Dawn of Eve - 16 January 2017

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