Review: Kissing Alex by RJ Scott (Bodyguards Inc. #6)

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Kissing Alex is the sixth and latest addition to the M/M romance Bodyguards Inc. series penned by author RJ Scott. This book brings back Alex Cantrell, who was a supporting character in the second book, The Ex Factor, and at twenty-seven and openly gay, is part of an up and coming boy band called Twelfth Wonder. When his life is put in danger after a man he sleeps with turns out the be a member of a crime family, his management brings in a bodyguard and he comes in the form of a thirty-one-year-old Krav Maga-practicing, laird of Isle of Stoirmeil, former intelligence agent turned bodyguard, and actual genius named Lewis Nevin. Needing the money for Stoirmeil's upkeep, Lewis agrees to use his vacation time to take Alex on as a client, but can an isolated location like Lewis's keep Alex away from the evil forces looking for him?

I've been looking forward to reading this book ever since I finished the first five books in the series. Yes, it's another bodyguard and celebrity pairing--well, hello, countless celebrities actually do need bodyguards so using this combination more than once is more than understandable and quite expected--but there is a difference to this one compared to the others. Here, we have a bit more in-depth look at the life of the bodyguard away from the job. Okay, Lewis does take his job (aka Alex) with him to Stoirmeil, but we see Lewis as more than a bodyguard. He's a loving brother to his younger siblings--sister Sorcha and brother Davey--and is a responsible laird to the people of his isle. Physically, he's your typical bodyguard, but he's this brainiac who moves gracefully and just happens to be, to Alex's joy, very bisexual.

As I've come to expect in these books, there isn't a great deal of action involved but the danger is real enough that there's a sense of excitement. But the real anticipation comes from whether or not the bodyguard and his client are going to not just hook up but end up happily ever after. Of course, these are romance novels with an almost always guaranteed HEA, but you still look forward to reading how they get that much awaited point. Alex also happens to be pop star stuck in neutral in terms of his career, so that was one aspect of the story that I also had my focus on . Lewis siblings added that extra punch to the story, and the appearance of Roman Azarov was something I looked forward to because, as I hoped, it opened the door to a seventh book in the series! Kissing Alex was a sweet, four-star addition to Bodyguards, Inc.

Date Read: 06 May 2016

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  1. I can't wait to write Roman's story... thank you for the lovely review. RJ XXX


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