Review: Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett (Sugar Bowl #1)

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Sugar Daddy is the first novel in bestselling author Sawyer Bennett's newest series, Sugar Bowl, and I dare say that it's my favorite among all the titles I've read from her so far. Sela Halstead is a twenty-six-year-old who was brutally raped a decade ago and while she's moved forward with her life, all it takes is one glimpse at a tattoo she vividly remembers one of her attackers donning. The tattoo is on none other than millionaire businessman Jonathan "JT" Townsend and when she sees him and his tattoo during a televised news feature of The Sugar Bowl, the business JT co-owns and which pairs wealthy, older men with susceptible, younger women, Sela switches gears. Now, she wants one thing and one thing only: revenge. She has it all planned out and once she gains access to JT's world, she intends to make him pay for viciously taking her innocence away from her at sixteen. But Sela doesn't count on Beckett North, JT's business partner and the true brains behind The Sugar Bowl. There's nothing fake or contrived about the attraction and desire that Sela and Beck have stirring between them, and those soon develop into much more. Will Sela still get the retribution she seeks and is she willing to sacrifice Beck in order to achieve it?

The kind of revenge that Sela wanted wasn't your run-of-the-mill kind of revenge that involved humiliating her rapist or simply making sure that he went off to prison. No, what Sela wanted was to make JT pay and the payment she required was his life. For as much as she's done with her life, that one horrific event is the kind that you're never really able to forget or fully get away from. I liked that she was different from a lot of other female main characters who are in the same predicament. She may be keeping one enormous secret from Beck, but her feelings for him are genuine and their quite mutual. The expected steam is there, but there are also sweet and touching moments between Sela and Beck, all of which further cement the notion that these two are falling for one another. But then not every secret can be kept hidden forever, and more often than not, even when you struggle to come clean and tell the truth, the hurt and betrayal of the other party can overshadow your efforts. I would love to say that Sela and Beck get their happily-ever-after but I can't because this ends in a cliffhanger. We'll have to wait a little over two months to see how Sela and Beck deal with the fallout. But Sugar Daddy receives five stars, evil cliffhanger and all. ♥

Release Date: 24 May 2016

Date Read: 24 May 2016

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