Book Spotlight: The Honor Anthology by Various Authors

The Honor Anthology
by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emily Snow, 
USA Today bestselling authors 
Chelsea Camaron and MJ Fields, 
Amanda Lanclos, Lacey Black, 
Ryan Michele, S.M. Donaldson, 
Misha Elliott, Daryl Banner, 
Dawne Walters, and Ellie Keys
Release Date: May 30, 2016

About The Honor Anthology
For Memorial Day 2016, eleven authors have come together to honor those who lost their lives while defending our freedom. Enjoy eleven brand new military-themed stories, which may contain a few familiar faces.

Through happiness, struggles, love, loss, appreciation, and sorrow, these stories will leave you red hot and wanting more.

All proceeds from the sales of The Honor Anthology will be donated to the Honor the Sacrifice charity.

Note: Contains adult language and content not suitable for readers under the age of 18.



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About Commando (Dog Tags #2) by Daryl Banner
Jesse wanted to prove to his muscled, strong, and closeted Army boyfriend Brandon that there were others like him out there and he wasn't alone. After taking him to an unofficial meet-up of other gays in the military at a local bar, Brandon is about to discover how very not alone he is.

Jesse hadn't counted on opening Brandon's eyes to a world full of hot and sexy options. Did he just make the biggest mistake of his life?


About A Place to Call Home by Lacey Black
Eight years ago, Colbi Leigh fled her safe little hometown in Kentucky and followed her dreams to New York City. She left everything behind: her parents, her brother, and the love of her life, Aiden Hughes. Now, Colbi must return home in the wake of her brother’s unexpected death in Afghanistan where she’s about to come face-to-face with her old demons.

Aiden has been left unsettled since his one true love left him for something else in the Big Apple eight long years ago. After the unexpected death of his oldest friend, who was serving in the Army, Aiden finally comes face-to-face with the woman who stole his heart and has haunted his dreams.

What happens when old lovers reunite in the midst of tragedy? Is it finally a happily ever after, or will their dreams tear them apart once more?


About Serving My Soldier by Chelsea Camaron
For God and country, Angus Hilliard serves in the United States Army 82nd Airborne. As a third generation soldier, his life is his career. He allows himself no distractions, no entanglements, and no emotions.

Elementary school counselor, Gretchen Devall wants nothing more than to be a positive impact in the young children's lives around her. She allows herself no attachments beyond the kids she serves.

A program sending cards to service members for her schools aligns their worlds. What happens when her time to serve the soldier is up?

A heartfelt story of two strangers supporting each other from afar and coming together to build something real.


About Sergio (a Marco's MMA Boys novella) by S.M. Donaldson
Spiraling- A fast declining mental or emotional state

Army Sniper Sergio Nichols knows what it’s like to be on top of the world. He’s had the greatest days of his life, until he has the worst day of his life. How do you start all over? How do you learn to live again? How do you find that same fiery passion after it's gone? They say there are five stages of grief, but it sure feels like a hell of a lot more.

Fight - A battle or combat

He knows this all too well. He's fought insurgents for over eight years. He's battled his own mental state. With love lost, it's time to turn his heart and mind into making money since his body is already fight ready. When Sergio spirals, everyone better watch out.


About Thirteen Buttons by Misha Elliott
Ryder Pierson joins the US Navy looking forward to a life of service without ties or complications.

Ryder will soon learn that nothing could ever prepare him for tests he's going to face when his heart becomes tangled with Karleigh.


About In the Shadows by MJ Fields
No synopsis at time of posting.


About Brian's Call by Ellie Keys
Belinda Banneker (B.B.'s) world has been rocked in more ways than one and only one person can set it to rights. The only problem is no one knows where this man is. Well, no one but B.B., and she vehemently refuses to allow anyone to have the information. 

Elijah has been around and knows some of the truth of Belinda's history, but he feels like he can't move forward with her until she deals with the one thing that she tells everyone makes her the "Baddest Bitch You'll Ever Meet". 

Their future is resting in revealing this one truth. Will there even be a future once it's uncovered?


About Lead Me Home (a Big Country series prequel) by Amanda Lanclos
Country music star Brant Marks has everything he could ever want. His music career is starting to excel more and he’s become one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. But, when he is asked to go overseas to
perform for our Military personnel, his whole perspective changes. What started out as just another form of income slowly becomes an eye opening experience for Brant. 

As he sees the conditions that people live in to fight for not only his freedom, but everyone in America he realizes something he hasn’t ever before. He may have thought he was bringing a piece of “home” back to these soldiers, but they may just be showing him what’s more important in life. Money? Fame? Or, maybe it’s the fact that he’s changed from the man he was before fame overtook him. 

He may just realize that in bringing them that piece of home, that they may be leading him back to who he was. They may just be leading him home.  


About Courageous (a Vipers Creed MC novella) by Ryan Michele
not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

War had a way of changing a man. Xander Collins was no exception.

Injured and rehabilitated, he returns home to his woman, Gabriella, and his brother, Stiff, only to find that life had continued while he was gone. People changed; he changed.

Will Xander be courageous enough to fight his demons and reach for his future?


About Twice by Emily Snow
No synopsis at time of posting.


About Static Line by Dawne Walters
No synopsis at time of posting.


About the Honor the Sacrifice charity

All proceeds of the Honor Anthology will be donated to the Honor the Sacrifice charity.

MISSION: To honor, assist and raise support for our Veterans, active Warriors and their Families who sacrifice so much through selfless service to our nation.
ABOUT US: Honor the Sacrifice is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and raising support for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen and the programs which assist their recovery from both physical and emotional wounds, as well as those which facilitate their effective transition from military service back into productive pursuits in the civilian sector. Key to this is including the support of their Families, without which we cannot effectively function in the military. We further pay homage and keep strong the flame of remembrance burning for those who've made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of their fellow man or who have yet to return home from the field of battle. Honor the Sacrifice also encourages public introspection as to the courage, heroism and commitment demonstrated by our military men and women through the stories behind their sacrifices and trials of war.

VISION: Lead Honor the Sacrifice to be an effective, modular "action arm" that helps keep patriotism strong and which can interface/partner with and support any eligible program, activity or organization that supports our Veterans, service members, their Families and which seeks to honor the sacrifice of those brave men and women who give their all to keep liberty's light burning strong.

Connect with Honor the Sacrifice



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