Review: The Doctor in Unit H by Kris Cook (Mockingbird Place #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

The Doctor in Unit H is the fourth and latest book in the M/M romance series entitled Mockingbird Place by Kris Cook. This was a second chance romance between Maddox Butler and Jaris Black, two eighteen-year-olds in medical school (they both graduated from high school at sixteen and while I know some may find that strange, but I could relate since I graduated at the same age) who meet and become roommates at Mockingbird Place and promptly fall in love. But when false accusations are hurled against one of them, they're torn apart and it takes six years before they see each other again, prompted by the request of Maddox's mother who's been diagnosed with cancer. Have the six years apart left them embittered, with Jaris not wanting to be near Maddox, or has the time apart made them realize what they've been missing?

Maddox and Jaris falling in love with each other a few days after meeting one another was pretty much a case of insta-love and I honestly felt as if there really wasn't really much of a reason for them to have fallen for one another that quickly. Thankfully, one heck of a major wrench was thrown in whatever plans they had for a fantastical happily-ever-after and that's where the story got interesting. They were both eighteen when they met and I think the six years apart from each other made them see their relationship from two very different perspectives. When they did see each other again, though, I wanted more of a hashing out and the reunion felt rushed. Both the story itself both Jaris and Maddox were okay, but a bit more development and conflict between the two men would have been good. 3.5 stars for The Doctor in Unit H. ♥

Date Read: 18 May 2016

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