Review: Charged by Jay Crownover (Saints of Denver #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

Can Jay Crownover do no wrong? There's a reason why she's a bestselling author and she showcases it once again in all it's pink and suited up glory with the second novel and third release in her Saints of Denver series entitled Charged. Avett Walker and Quaid Jackson are first mentioned in Rowdy and have a bit more of a presence in Asa, both novels in the Marked Men series, and again in Built, the first full-length novel in the Saints of Denver spin-off, but we get the full story, including both their back stories, here in Charged. The thirty-one-year-old defense attorney known to take down his opponents and with a win-loss record that is envied by many on both sides and the twenty-two-year-old unemployed and currently incarcerated dropout may be a pairing that would leave quite a few befuddled, but underneath Avett's dyed locks and history as a troublemaker and Quaid's cold and calculated persona and material possessions, are two souls who know what it's like to be broken and are more kindred than they may think.

Avett has gotten herself into trouble more times than she would care to remember, but her latest brush with the law feels more like a full-on crash, if the handcuffs and orange jumpsuit are any clues. One look at the attorney representing her and she knows he's a high-class, high-priced legal eagle who doesn't think too highly of her or her actions. He tells her he doesn't need to hear her story. All Quaid wants is for Avett to listen to him and do exactly what he advises her to do. He's there to do the job he's getting paid for, and when all is said and done, he and his latest client will go their separate ways. But the problem is Avett is nothing like everyone else on his roster of past clients. He can't presume her guilty because he actually believes her pronouncement of innocence. She's captivated him in a way no other woman has before, but he's her lawyer and she's nearly a decade younger than he is. The last thing he needs is a distraction like Avett Walker, but Quaid Jackson is tempted to take a leap of faith and feel free to be himself and with her.

Both Avett and Quaid have their respective stories to tell and knowing their personal histories gives you a better idea of why they do the things they do. They're committed to the paths they've chosen for themselves that they've failed to notice that it may be time to change routes and proceed elsewhere. What you see isn't exactly what you get with these two because they're both so much more than the fuck-up daughter and the slick lawyer. While Avett can indeed be rather reckless, being around and with her inspired Quaid to shed his armor. And that's the thing: she doesn't break down the walls he's set up around him; he takes them down on his own because he wants to be the authentic version of himself when he's with her. I loved these two together and am counting the months before we get Dash "Church" Churchill's story. A new supporting character, Hudson Wheeler, was introduced here and I hope he gets his turn after Church. Gah! I love this series and I highly encourage you to read all three books. Five stars for Charged. ♥


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Release Date: 24 May 2016

Date Read: 22 May 2016

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