Review: Dirty Girl by Meghan March (Dirty Girl #1)

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Oh. My. Those two words popped in my head numerous times while reading Dirty Girl, the first in the eponymous duet from bestselling author--and one of my favorite go-to authors--Meghan March. This book lives up to its name. It's dirty in the best way possible and no one can write dirty romances like Meghan March. This is a spin-off of her most recent trilogy, Dirty Billionaire, and while this can be read on its own, I recommend that you read the three books about Creighton Karas and Holly Wix, not only because Creighton and Holly make appearances in this series starter--Creighton more than Holly--but because there's an important piece of the backstory between the main characters of Dirty Girl, Greer Karas and Cavanaugh Westman, that makes more sense if you have previous Dirty Billionaire knowledge.

Greer Karas is nothing like the pampered society princess. Behind the gorgeous face and body is a driven, intelligent, and caring woman. But gossip rags don't care about stuff like that. What they're after is scandal and with one click of a button, that's what they get from Greer. An ad that has her searching for a famous, wealthy, and well-endowed guy goes viral and it wreaks havoc on both her reputation and the family corporation. She's expected to lay low while damage control is in full swing, but that becomes next to impossible when Cavanaugh Westman shows up at her door. This is the same Cav that she fell for three years ago, only to leave her high and dry, without a word of explanation or a goodbye. Cav has become a well-known actor and makes it clear he's back in New York to answer Greer's ad and make her his dirty girl.

This is a second chance romance with a bit of something extra that we all look for. Greer and Cav have a chemistry that only seems to have become more potent after three years apart. Greer still wants answers but Cav isn't ready to give them to her, stating only that he felt he wasn't at that point where he could give her everything that she deserved. Try as she may, Greer can't keep things casual with Cav and both silently acknowledge that being separated three years ago. And while it may seem that the main complication of pursuing anything is being on opposite coasts, there's an unknown complication waiting in the wings and it's a twist that I never saw coming so color me gobsmacked. This was such a fantastic start to the Dirty Girl duet and while Beneath These Lies--the only Meghan March novel I wasn't able to read and review--has been on my to-be-read list longer, it's been knocked down a notch by none other than Dirty Love. Yes, this first book ends on a cliffhanger, but the wait is shorter than usual so I'm a happy camper. If you're a Meghan March fangirl, you're going to need to read this book, and if you've never read any of her books before (seriously?!), Dirty Girl is a good place to get started. I'm giving this dirty gem of a read five stars. ♥

Date Read: 21 May 2016

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