Review: Loud and Clear by Aidan Wayne

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Loud and Clear is short but it doesn't skimp in terms of both story and character development and author Aidan Wayne's writing is exemplary. This novella is about a cab driver named Jaxon Tlapa and a marketing researcher and developer named Caleb Wrotslavsky, who meet when Caleb calls for a cab on a Tuesday night outside of a bar he'd rather not be at and it's Jaxon who shows up. Caleb is quiet, but not because he has nothing to say. He has a stutter--a really bad one--and he prefers to either communicate via sign language or writing. He can talk but it takes a certain amount of control and preparation for him to get through saying something without stuttering. This is what leads him to write a short note for Jaxon on the receipt during one of his rides. The thing is, Jaxon suffers from an extreme case of dyslexia, so even a one-lined note takes him longer than most to decipher. Their curiosity was piqued, but in order to know each other better, they'll have to figure out how to communicate better to get their point across loud and clear.

I really liked this story about Jaxon and Caleb, two people who, on the outside seemed to be extreme opposites. Caleb was highly educated and successful in his chosen profession while Jaxon didn't make it to college and believed the only job he could be good at was as a cab driver. They both, however, have their respective issues when it comes to communicating, what with Caleb's stutter and Jaxon's dyslexia, and as they try to maneuver their way in figuring where to go with their mutual attraction, we see them also trying to figure out a way that works best for them to communicate. Jaxon's efforts had me grinning like crazy because the guy was this combination of shy and sweet and he would go the extra mile for Caleb. While Caleb may appear to be cold, understanding why he is the way he is and getting to know him in this book proved that he really was the perfect partner for Jaxon. These two were cute together and I have no complaints about Loud and Clear being too short because it gave me nearly everything I wanted. 4.5 stars! ♥

Release Date: 23 May 2016

Date Read: 23 May 2016

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