Review: Bodychecking by Jami Davenport (Game On in Seattle #7)

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Body Checking is the eighth release in the Game On in Seattle series from bestselling author Jami Davenport, although it is marked as the seventh book in the book list. The book does contain a violent assault and rape attempt made at the female main character, Bellani Maxwell, so please be aware before heading into the story that there could, indeed, be possible triggers.

Bellani Maxwell doesn't do relationships, but there's no denying her sexual chemistry with Seattle Sockeyes hockey player Cedric Pedersen. They've hooked up more than once but Bella has started keeping her distance from him, not really wanting to even consider his desire for a committed relationship with her. This leaves Cedric in the unfamiliar position of the one doing the chasing, and it looks as if Bella is going to give him a run for his money.

When Bella ends up the victim of an assault, the first person she runs to is none other than Cedric. She's sworn him into secrecy, but the more days pass with Bella not telling anyone else what happened, the more worried Cedric gets. The one person that Bella knows she can trust and who won't judge her or suffocate her is Cedric, but she's no longer the Bella she once was and if she doesn't move away from him soon, she's afraid that she may end up dragging him down in her current state of darkness.

This was a good read, one that was really about Bella's struggle to manage the aftereffects of her assault and how Cedric was such a constant source of love and support for her. She may not have been a fan of commitment, but being around Cedric desperately made her want to believe in happily-ever-afters and simply being with one person. This wasn't an overly long read, but the story is well-told and doesn't skimp on details. You feel for both Bella and Cedric as they make their way through the landmine that is a committed relationship and Bella learning to trust herself and the world in general. I'm giving Bodychecking 4.5 stars.

Date Read: 19 May 2016

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