Review: Just One Touch by Jami Wagner (Black Alcove #3)

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Just One Touch is the third novel in author Jami Wagner's new adult Black Alcove series and provides a resolution to the story about Logan Parker's younger sister, the very same he was separated from years before as they were sent to different foster homes and the one that he's spent a year looking for. When Alexis Parker makes her way to the town of Wind Valley, Wyoming from North Carolina, she knows that her brother Logan lives there. However, she isn't prepared to let him know that she's around and would prefer to keep things under wraps for now. When her good looking neighbor ends up dropping a box that contains the last thing Logan gave her before they were torn apart and breaking it, Alexis immediately puts him on her crap list. But single father Conner Brian proves to be more difficult to evade, especially when he's persistent about making his fumble up to her. With pressure coming from his four-year-old son Jake's mother to make their so-called family work, Conner may find himself torn between the girl he's beginning to want more from and the idea of giving something more to his son. Add to that the big secret that Alex is keeping and the relationship that took a while to get started may end up over before either one knows it.

This series got off to a great start with Just One Kiss but then faltered with the sequel, Just One Night. Now, it's bounced back beautifully with Just One Touch, a book that features the younger siblings of two previous main characters, Alexis, who is the sister of Logan Parker from book two, and Conner, who is the brother of Kelsey Connelly nee Brian from book one. Conner's son from a one-night stand isn't overly used in the story, which I liked, because he already had a strong bond with his dad and got along well with Alex, so there wasn't any unnecessary drama. The back and forth between Alex and Conner was often lighthearted and cute, but these two had to make important individual choices: Alex on whether she would introduce herself to Logan and Conner on whether he would try and create a true family unit with Jake and Jake's mother. Of course, these were kept secret from one another, so that's where a lot of the apprehension and tension come from. I liked almost everything except for the thing with Pete late in the story because it was this sudden shift. Other than that, Just One Touch was a pleasing 4.5-starred NA read. ♥

Date Read: 07 May 2016

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