Release Blitz: Donut Day Collaboration by Various Authors

About the Donut Day Collaboration
Sweet and delightfully decadent.

In celebration of national donut day and its yummy goodness, a baker’s dozen of authors have come together to give you a sugary sweet, calorie-free treat: 13 brand spanking, fun new stories by F.G. Adams, Amy Briggs, Teresa Crumpton, Tracie Douglas, Fifi Flowers, Felicia Fox, Regina Frame, Jessika Klide, Kristen Luciani, Kristen Hope Mazzola, Mayra Statham, Shantel Tessier, and Winter Travers!

Donut Be Shy by F.G. Adams
Amy Young runs The Purple PolkaDot bakery like a well-oiled machine and is not about to let anything or anyone stand in the way of her success—especially not the smug, oh-so-panty-dropping Tanner ‘Moose’ Mason. He thought she would succumb to his smooth Cajun charms at a snap of his delicious, enticing fingers, but Amy refuses to be another cupcake or his specialty for the day. 

Tanner Mason has met his match in Amy Young. After one night of ecstasy, he craves the beautiful albeit bashful pastry chef even more than her mouth-watering chocolate delicacies. He tasted the sugary sweetness she hides from others and won’t settle until Amy faces the fact that she belongs with him. 

A well-orchestrated encounter arranged by their friends knocks them out of the safe rut they’ve both been stuck in. Finally, Moose has the chance he’s been waiting for and starts his relentless pursuit. Anything goes. He's on a mission to once again have Amy in his arms, and this good ‘Ol’ Cajun Boy’ will stop at nothing to make her his own.

Love & Donuts by Amy Briggs
Alex Ward, an award-winning chef and owner of several restaurants, has a special gift for his daughter. Over the summer break, instead of working in one of his restaurants, they’re going to turn a snooty French bakery into a donut shop together. An adventure with his daughter takes an unexpected turn when they meet the feisty pastry chef, Gabby. Beautiful and stubborn, with just enough sweetness, Alex can’t get enough of Gabby, and sets in motion a plan to keep her and the donut shop.

Gabby Foster’s plan was coming together. She finally graduated from culinary school as a pastry chef, she’d put in her time with her mentor at a beautiful French bakery, and secured a full time position there. When Alex Ward, the confident and charming restaurateur buys the bakery she works for, she’s left with a difficult decision. Stay and help open the donut shop, completely dismantling the bakery she loves, or leave the whole dream behind.

Donut Leave Me by Teresa Crumpton
Forest Jenson lives the wild life, and the only thing he takes seriously is his career as a pastry chef. At thirty-five, he still spends all of his free time hooking up, hitting the town, and refusing to settle down. Growing up and having a family are the furthest things from his mind until an old one-night-stand crashes the party to inform him he has a daughter. A seven-year-old daughter.

Ella Hartley has never met her father. In fact, for as long as she can remember, her mother has insisted on having Ella all to herself. If not for stories, and her Aunt Piper, Ella might not know a single thing about the man. But that's all about to change, and as Ella faces saying goodbye to one parent, she'll find herself suddenly saying hello to the other.

A reluctant new father braves the difficult tasks of caring for his daughter, making her happy, and keeping the memory of her mother alive all while getting to know her. Determined to succeed, Forest will try anything to create a special bond with Ella that preserves her happy memories and helps her make new ones—even a weekly trip to the local donut shop.

Donut Swipe Right by Tracie Douglas
Elizabeth Bennett has only ever wanted someone to love, but after several disastrous dates she’s beginning to think the single life will be her lot in life. Until her sister swipes right on a dating app for her, and she finds herself caught up chatting with a devastatingly handsome man. Days later, she makes him a proposition.

One night.
No names.
Just sex.

Will Darcy is at the top of his career, having risen in the financial community as a powerhouse. But he's lonely and looking for more than the vapid women he meets at the functions he attends. Intrigued by the woman he is calling his Lizzy, he agrees to her terms and a magical night ensues between the two.

But, when the morning comes, and he wakes to find her gone, will one night be enough? Or will they both realize you Donut Swipe Right unless your ready for love?

11 Enticing Donuts by Fifi Flowers
Open a donut—patisserie style—shop... Check!

Create incredible sweet goodness... Check!

Have patrons raving, craving and returning... Check!

Falling all over myself while doing and saying crazy things at the sight of one beautiful customer... Not part of my business plan!

A sweet match made in heaven or a fiery mixture: Peyton Beignet and Valentina Zeppole?

Donut Go Breaking My Heart by Felicia Fox
Aine is stress incarnate, and at the moment she's at an all-time high. She's dreamt of owning her little donut shop forever, but as they say in business, “Location, location, location!” Right now, location is something Aine doesn't have. For the last month she's started to contemplate doing something out of character. She needs some relief from the daily “What the f**k did I think I was doing” rattling around in her head.

In walks Cian. There's something about this man who comes in like a flirtatious whirlwind that makes Aine want to be banged like a screen door in a hurricane. He's the exact kind of drama she doesn’t need in her life. “All work and no fun” will be Aine’s motto until she can pull herself out of the mess she's in. Is giving in to Cian what she needs? She's sure as hell hoping it is.

Donut Hole by Regina Frame
Harper Abbott had tried for four years to get over her high school sweetheart. She thought she had done it until his band showed up in their small town to play for some rich kid's birthday party. She tries to ignore his promises to make her remember just how good they were together, but she remembered. She remembered all too well what his touch was like, how soft his lips were on her neck. He asks her for one weekend. That's all he would need to make her see they were meant to be. There was one thing standing in their way. She had a new business to run. She'd put everything she had and then some into The Donut Hole. If she lost it, she'd be homeless.

She agrees to go on one condition: He come back to their small town and work with her for one weekend. Oh, the things you can do with donut glaze and cream filling!

Donut Dilemma by Jessica Klide
When college graduate, Farrah Ford, takes a summer job at Do Donuts, she is pretty sure she has encountered the love of her life. The problem is she isn’t sure who he is.

Cade, a doctor in his 40’s, comes in every day and orders 4 donuts, frosted and striped, with an iced vanilla latte. Always alone, he sits staring at his phone until Farrah falls at his feet. #Dominant is the hashtag that describes this sophisticated hottie.

Justin, the owner’s son, 26 and fresh from the military, enters the bakery pre-dawn, ties on an apron, rolls up his sleeves, and turns on more than the fryers. He likes his donuts caked in sprinkles and dunked in milk. The way he eats them gives Do Donuts a whole other meaning. #Delicious is the hashtag that describes this sensual stud.

Her donut dilemma? Which one is she secretly sexting?
Frosted Stripes or Celebration Sprinkles?

Donut Tease Me by Kristen Luciani
Jelly-filled, glazed, iced with sprinkles…Donuts. They’re my kryptonite.

As I drag a finger through the thick vanilla frosting, I can think of only one more ingredient to turn my sugar fest into utter perfection.

Bobby Moone, my other weakness, who happens to be equally scrumptious and one I want to devour like this Boston Creme.

Oh yeah, he’s also my best friend.

I suck the icing off of my finger. Damn, I wish I was licking it off something else. But I missed my chance, and now he’s gone, just like this box of sinfully delicious pastries. Off to Los Angeles to become a famous rockstar when he could have married me instead.

Maybe I should have told him that was an option before he took over the music industry.

Maybe I still will...

Donut Be Easy by Kristen Hope Mazzola
"I'm gone!"
That's all my now ex-wife said as she packed her stuff and stormed out of our house on my fortieth birthday.
It was a total kick in the teeth. Right?
I thought my life was completely over before it could really get started.

Turns out gone wasn't a bad thing.
Skye did me a favor.
She made it possible for me to find my true calling in life—donuts.
That cute little pastry chef was just the sprinkles on top.

Donut Tucker Out by Mayra Statham
I’m a divorced mom of two boys, living with my sister, juggling more than one woman should. If I end the day without a stain on my shirt and drinking my body weight in coffee, I call it a good day. I’m not a catch by any means.

Yet somehow, I’ve caught the eye of one of the sexiest men I have ever come across. Chase Tucker is tall, dark, and sexy. Too bad he’s my son’s teacher.

When the end of the school year approaches, Mr. Tucker shocks me by making a move. And he’s coming for me with sneaky touches, flirty texts, and late-night make-out sessions. Oh my!

Donut know what to say, other than I’m more than happy to let him Tucker me out!

Donut Overthink It by Shantel Tessier
Aiden Kyle—criminal defense attorney, ridiculously good looking, and the biggest prick to work for.

Hadley Burns—the temporary secretary, hardworking, keeper of the donuts, girl-next-door type.

Even though she wants him and knows he lusts after her, he is her boss. Crossing that line is a no-no until one misunderstanding lands Hadley in hot water and she needs Aiden's help. It was supposed to be just sex, to scratch that itch they both have, but things change.

A new relationship is hard enough, but when you mix in secrets and a stalker , it either implodes or builds a solid foundation.

Do Aiden and Hadley have what it takes to beat the odds?

Five Alarm Donuts by Winter Travers
Blake Anderson was stuck.

Firefighter Blake is madly in love with his sexy baker but he finds himself pinned in the hook-up zone. Blake works at Station 2 fighting and rescuing the locals of Mark’s Corners. While doing 4 days on and 3 days off doesn’t give him much time to spend with Karen, he knows the time he does have he wants to give to her. After two months, Blake wants more and is ready for Karen to be his.

Karen Proctor doesn’t know what to do.

Hocking donuts and pastries everyday is fun, but Karen feels there has to be something more out of life. She might not know much but she does know she wants to take her fun and flirty relationship with Blake to the next level. With the limited time they have together, Karen wonders if Blake would even want more.

Five alarm donuts flare up when Blake and Karen finally figure out how much more life has to offer.


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