Audiobook Review: Part-Time Lover by Lauren Blakely, narrated by Shane East & Grace Grant

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The thing I fear most.
The thing I feel now.
The thing I want badly.
I’m consumed by his body inside mine, consumed by the way he wants me, and most of all, I’m consumed by my own profound longing for him, a longing that finds a wild sort of peace in this pleasure. I’ve avoided this, guarded against it, but now I’m giving in. I want to feel every single thing with Christian.

I read Part-Time Lover a week before diving into the audiobook for it, and while this was only my second Lauren Blakely audiobook (I've read more than listened to her work), I confess that I'm becoming a wee bit addicted to being able to listen to these stories that I had previously fallen in love with while reading them. I already adored the story to begin with, but with the narration of Shane East and Grace Grant--my first with East, my second with Grant--it was like rediscovering this fantastic love story set in the cities of Copenhagen, Paris, and Manhattan. While not all books translate well when they're narrated, I'm happy to report that Blakely's latest isn't one of them.

While on a canal tour in Denmark, thirty-four-year-old Elise Durand spots one very hot and very naked man doing handstands. She snaps his photo and relays her appreciation for his, ahem, efforts. Surprisingly, he asks her out on a date, but in a case of misunderstanding, they end up in two different locations that share the same name. Fast forward to a year later in France. She meets thirty-year-old Christian Ellison, and they both quickly realize that they were face-to-face with the person who they were supposed to meet that night in Denmark a year ago. The connection is still very much present, but Elise doesn't do relationships, and suggests a no-strings arrangement. But when circumstances force them into a marriage of convenience, will falling in love make things inconvenient?

Lauren Blakely took the "fake marriage" trope and gave it a much-needed creative spin. The result is a romance where the main characters already have a foundation of sorts to begin with before saying "I do" to one another. There's already affection and definite chemistry, and being in far closer and more constant proximity to each other have Christian and Elise realizing that no-strings and temporary may not be what they truly want after all. With an already great story, the voices of both Shane East and Grace Grant give this audiobook even more oomph. Grant won me over in Wanderlust and I enjoyed listening to her here once again. As far as East was concerned, he was exactly how I imagined Christian would sound. I can't believe this is the first time I've heard his vocal skills, but it won't be the last. With powers combined, Blakely, East, and Grant made Part-Time Lover a five-plus-starred listen. ♥

Date Listened to: 04 June 2018

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