Review: Chasing a Legend by Sarah Robinson (Kavanagh Legends #4)

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Sarah Robinson's Kavanagh Legends is back with its fourth full-length novel, Chasing a Legend. Taking place three years after the events in Becoming a Legend, one accident changes the trajectory of twenty-seven-year-old Quinn Kavanagh's life forever. Quinn, the fourth to the youngest among the five Kavanagh brothers, had a life that was all about responsibility to his family and the legacy they were etching for themselves. He was his brother's manager and took of the books in Legends, the family-owned gym. He did whatever was required of him in order to make sure everything was good with the family, but when he's involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle, Quinn's forced to reevaluate life as he knows. Add to that learning that his physical therapist is none other than Kiera Finley, his best friend of fifteen years and the girl he loved before she walked away from him without a word.

This second-chance, friends-to-lovers romance was a sweet read with quite a bit of heat to it. The last time Quinn and Kiera had interacted with each other fully was when she was eighteen and he was twenty-one and she decided she wanted to lose her virginity before she went off to college. Why not do it with someone you trusted--someone like your best friend? The thing was, Quinn had already been in love with her by then, and clearly, Kiera wasn't in the same love boat (pun intended) that he was. So fifteen years of friendship ended and six years of barely any interaction commenced until their paths crossed again while Quinn needed therapy for his injuries. Believe it or not, I actually liked the initial awkwardness between them because it's what I would expect from real-life situations similar to it, and kudos to the author for not going to safe route by forcing them to get over it overly quickly either.

I do believe I've found myself my favorite Kavanagh Legends story. There isn't as much angst as I would have expected, especially when compared to the first three novels. Quinn and Kiera's issues as a couple--whether it be as friends or as lovers--are based on their lack of communication, for fear of rejection or thinking the other party will misunderstand. This isn't me belittling the challenges that Quinn and Kiera had to face together and apart, but what I'm saying is that these were normal things that couples faced and that was more than enough in terms of drama and angst and proved to rather refreshing in this series. I also liked that Quinn wasn't like his three older brothers--Rory, Kieran, and Kane--in that he had never been an MMA fighter. The best thing about Chasing a Legend was that it managed to surprise me, so it gets five stars. Fingers crossed for Jimmy's and Casey's books too! ♥


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Release Date: 22 August 2017

Date Read: 21 August 2017

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