Review: Virtuous, Valorous, & Victorious by M.S. Force (Quantum #1-#3)

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Because the first three books in the Quantum series cover a continuing story with the same couple, I've decided to consolidate my review. Penned by bestselling author Marie Force using her pen name of M.S. Force since this was her first foray into erotic romance, the first three Quantum books were part of the original Quantum trilogy. Force has since expanded it to include the other players in the Quantum group and the sixth book is set for release in less than two weeks' time. After having read the first five books one after the other, I'm now excited for the sixth.

I've read and loved the author's highly popular and much loved romantic suspense Fatal series, and I was curious to see how she would do with erotic romance, although the steamier scenes in the Fatal series have become increasingly hotter as of late, so I guess that was a prelude of sorts for me. Readers are introduced to twenty-three-year-old grade school teacher Natalie Bryant and thirty-three-year-old actor Flynn Godfrey in Virtuous, and their love story is tested by Natalie's scandalous past in Valorous, and then this time by Flynn's own secrets in Victorious.

Natalie is the picture of innocence when we first meet her. A transplant from Nebraska to New York, she's fallen in love with the city that she now considers her new home. When she literally bumps into one of the world's most famous actors, it turns out to be an even more remarkable meet-cute courtesy of her senior dog, Fluff-o-Nutter aka Fluff. Flynn, of course, turns out to be quite a surprise because as well-known as he is and with the kind of pedigree he has in the entertainment industry, he isn't some spoiled celebrity who thinks he's God's gift to women.

Both Natalie and Flynn have their share of secrets and those secrets do end up affecting their burgeoning relationship. Now, I'm not going to say which secrets affected them positively and which ones didn't, but let's just say that the adage "Honesty is the best policy" is a good one. Keeping secrets is one thing, but keeping them for far longer than you should and then not fessing up once it's out there is worse. Flynn's secret (his BDSM lifestyle) is known to the reader far earlier than Natalie's (read the book to find out!), but one is far more open than the other.

The story was both sweet and steamy and there's even a bit of intrigue and mystery thrown in as an additional complication to all things Flynn and Natalie. I read the three books in one day because those cliffhangers in books one and two had me desperate to find out what happened next and because I was simply invested in this particular couple's happiness. Virtuous, Valorous, and Victorious each showed how erotic romance should be written (because you should never skimp on the romance, people!). The first three Quantum novels get five stars. ♥

Date Read: 25 August 2017

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