Review: Rapturous by M.S. Force (Quantum #4)

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Rapturous is the fourth novel in M.S. Force's Quantum series and the beginning of it overlaps with the ending of book three, Victorious. This is the first book in the series that takes on a new couple and I was glad that it was none other than Flynn Godfrey's more than capable assistant and close friend and his best friend and award-winning director, twenty-seven-year-old Addison York (aka Addie) and thirty-three-year-old Hayden Roth, respectively. Hayden was unforgettable in the original trilogy, what with his hesitation when it came Flynn's relationship with Natalie Bryant. That hesitation was borne out of Flynn's BDSM lifestyle, a lifestyle which is a well-kept secret and one that Flynn shares with Hayden. The irony, of course, is that as much as Hayden secretly loves Addie, he hesitates to be honest with her about the whole BDSM thing and even after the truth comes out, not wanting her to be part of it becomes a stumbling block for both of them. Staying friends, even the kind with special benefits, will never be enough, but will Hayden ever welcome Addie into his world or will he push her into someone else's?

I felt like the Hayden I met and got to know in the first three books was the evil (okay, not really) twin of the Hayden in this fourth book. Maybe it was because Hayden here was far more emotional, but I get that readers didn't really get the real Hayden in the original three, and when I say "real", I mean the unadulterated version of him that he only exposes with those nearest and dearest to him. While I did have a bit of difficulty reconciling these two versions of Hayden, I must say that I adored Addie even more in this novel. As in love as she was with Hayden, she refused to be simply take whatever he dished out. No one puts Addie in a corner, Hayden! He wasn't going to teach her about his kinky lifestyle? Well, that wasn't going to stop her from finding a way to understand this man who owned her heart. I think she was the perfect partner for Hayden because she gave as good as she got and she was willing to go the extra mile for both herself and her guy. Taking into consideration my feelings about the two Haydens and how much I loved everything about Addie, I'll have to award Rapturous four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 27 August 2017

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