Review: Ravenous by M.S. Force (Quantum #5)

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Ravenous has Ellie Godfrey, older sister to award-winning actor Flynn Godfrey from the first three books and the only one among their siblings yet to settle down, wanting to have a family of her own. At thirty-five, she knows that time isn't exactly on her side if she intends to actually go the whole pregnancy route. When she shares her plan of finding a donor with one of her close friends, the last thing she expects is for him to offer himself up as her potential donor. However, thirty-six-year-old Jasper Autry has certain conditions: they procreate the old-fashioned way, they can't sleep around while trying to get pregnant, and he's in charge in bed. In exchange, Jasper will be more than willing to relinquish any and all parental rights to the child, opting instead for occasional visits. As far as Ellie's concerned, it could be a win-win. She gets to sleep with the guy she's been crushing on for years and she gets the child she's always wanted. What she doesn't know is that Jasper has a secret or two he's keeping from her There's a possibility that all their well-laid plans could be thrown to the wayside when their feelings get in the way.

Okay, it was pretty clear that this plan Ellie and Jasper cooked up was going to blow up in their faces, though not necessarily in a bad way. Things were bound to be messy, especially since these two were not only friends but belonged to the same circle of friends and have been fantasizing about one another for quite a while. Also, they should have both known that, at the very least, everything was going to be complicated. They were keeping the whole thing secret from those closest to them, and yet, let's not forget that those people aren't exactly clueless wonders who don't notice when there's a change between two in the group. Now, the direction that the story was going wasn't really a surprise, but I did like the twist when it came to what Jasper was keeping from Ellie. And no, I'm not talking about the BDSM thing--although that's a secret as well, just like Flynn kept it secret from Natalie and Hayden from Addie, so that's par for the course. This Brit was a mystery and it was fun getting to know him better here, and I did like Ellie, but the first three Quantum books still remain my favorite. Four stars for Ravenous. ♥

Date Read: 27 August 2017

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