Review: Rory & Clare by Sarah Robinson (Kavanagh Legends #3.5)

Rory & Clare is a free short story that takes place between the third and upcoming fourth full-length novels in author Sarah Robinson's Kavanagh Legends series. This gives readers and fans of the series in general and this couple in particular an idea of how far they've come in their relationship since the series starter, Breaking a Legend. From the moment they tie the knot to her confronting the man who tormented her for years, Rory and Clare Kavanaugh make it clear that together, they can face whatever life throws at them as they continue their journey being a family and living out every bit of their very own--and abolutely much deserved--happily-ever-after.

I'm guessing this short story serves as the book that connects the first three books to the soon-to-be released fourth one, which takes place three years after the all the events in book three. It was nice catching up with Rory and Clare and I particularly liked that confrontation Clare had with none other than Travis Creighton. We do jump from the wedding to that face-to-face with Creighton and then on to a cute epilogue, so think of this short story as more of a mini collection of highlights post-Breaking a Legend, which you're going to have to read prior to this freebie in order to have a much better appreciation for Rory and Clare's love story. I'm giving Rory & Clare 3.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 14 August 2017

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