Review: Satisfaction by Lexi Blake (Lawless #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

"Like I said, I'm not the man you think I am. I learned a long time ago to take my pleasure when and where I can. I learned to be selfish, and I'm about to be very selfish with you, Carly. I'm going to give you one last chance to run. I'm going to let go of your hands and you can walk out and give me a minute to compose myself and then we'll go right back to where we were before. We'll be friends and I'll treat you like a lady because I really like you." 
"And if I don't run away?" She'd already made her choice. There was no way she could walk out that door. 
"Then you'll be mine until this is done. Carly, think about this. I wan you, but I'm not good for anyone. I've stayed away from you because I think I could hurt you."

Satisfaction has been on my list of most-anticipated reads ever since I finished reading the Lawless series starter, Ruthless, last year. So, when an actual hard copy of the advanced reader's copy (ARC)--plus a few extra goodies from the author, Lexi Blake--arrived via air mail a couple of months ago, I was an extremely happy camper. Blake gave me everything I was looking and then some. The romance, sex, suspense, and mystery--plus the always intriguing family dynamics among the four Lawless siblings and the appearances of the McKay-Taggert group--were all taken up a notch. Now, not only am I counting the months before I get Revenge in my hands but I'm all curious about the McKay-Taggert characters, whose stories are told in the author's Masters and Mercenaries series, including the romance between Case Taggert and the youngest Lawless and the only sister, Mia. The upcoming third and final novel in the Lawless series has been on my to-be-read list since I stumbled upon it on Goodreads, but after that damn cliffhanger of an ending in Satisfaction, I'm even more antsy to find out how it all finally ends.

The rest of the world may know him now as Brandon Lang, but he will always be Brandon Lawless where it counts. His oldest brother Drew may not have been thrilled with him stepping in as Carly Hendricks's blind date, but  Bran wasn't willing to let the innocent personal assistant to one of their personal enemies fall through the cracks simply because they needed to use her for their plans. He had seen how their original plan nearly imploded and took its toll on his other brother Riley and his now-sister-in-law Ellie. Bran wants to try another tact--to be as honest with Carly as possible and get her to agree to help him and his family to gain justice for the deaths of his parents. His honesty even has him admitting just how much he wants Carly in his bed--a truth that she doesn't quite believe, not after having been used by her ex-husband and now being used by her boss. Bran thinks he's too damaged to get the same kind of happily-ever-after his older brother and his sister are now enjoying, but getting as close as possible to Carly makes him wish he could be the man for her...but first they'll have to outwit a new unseen enemy.

At the rate this series is going, don't be surprised if you see it on my year-end list of favorites for 2017. The series story arc regarding the revenge the siblings are looking for is still there, and just like in the first book, another Lawless sibling's perspective shifts when he finds love with "the one". But don't think that Bran is like Riley and Carly like Ellie. This new couple is very different, with Bran having suffered through his own trauma after he and Mia were split up and he was put into foster care. Carly may initially come off as weak, but once you learn the inner workings of her mind and what she's been doing behind the scenes, you'll come to realize that this woman is made of stronger stuff and is a force to be reckoned with. Bran has his demons, ones that he often hides between his easygoing facade, but in order for him to be with someone like Carly, he has to battle through them, and when those demons were exposed, my heart broke for him, as it did for his siblings who truly suffered because of what happened to their parents. That ending though...gah! June can't come fast enough! Five-plus stars for Satisfaction. ♥


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Date Read: 07 January 2017

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