Review: Falling for the Player by Jessica Lee

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When twenty-year-old nerdy junior pre-law student Maximo Segreti, who happens to be gay, and twenty-one-year-old college junior and star football player Patrick Guinness, who happens to be bisexual, meet at a bar and hit it off, they never expected it to end in an unforgettable one-night stand neither one would ever forget. Neither one could afford distractions. Not Patrick who was entering the NFL draft and provide for his family, and not Max who was on the accelerated track to enter law school then pass the bar in order to work for his family’s firm. So they went their separate ways. Three years later, Patrick’s football career ends because of an injury while Max is set to take the bar. The differences between them are more obvious than ever, especially financially. But the attraction is even stronger than before, and this time, they’re falling hard. Will they be there to catch one another or will doubt and insecurity get in the way?

I am an absolute fan of Jessica Lee’s The Enclave paranormal romance series, which is one of my all-time favorites, and I jumped on the opportunity to check out this standalone sports romance. The fact that it’s an M/M story was a bonus because I’m a total fangirl for that particular romance sub-genre. Lee certainly didn’t disappoint, serving up a second chance love story without making it overly sappy. Main characters Patrick and Max had a one-time hookup that proved to be most unforgettable for both men, but it wasn’t as if they immediately fell in love with each other then and there. They went their separate ways and went on with their lives. I liked that there wasn’t any wallowing or pining going on within those three years but also appreciated that the connection that existed back then wasn’t a figment of either man’s imagination. These two had chemistry, both the sweet and steamy kind, which I so approved of.

Patrick and Max had certain obstacles to their relationship that they need to hurdle, and it wasn’t just limited to the fact that members of their respective families had prejudices against the man they’re brother or son was spending time with. There was the whole insecurity thing going on with Patrick, and sometimes pride can get in the way of good sense and failing to recognize when something is done out of the goodness of one’s heart rather than for some nefarious motive. There were times that Patrick’s hardheadedness was frustrating, but I got where he was coming from and because this does end in a happily-ever-after (yay!), suffice it to say that he does see reason. The ending was totally adorable, and wrapped everything else quite nicely, complete with a big red bow and Christmas tinsel. Jessica Lee once again doesn’t disappoint and Falling for the Player lived up to my high expectations. This receives five stars. ♥

Release Date: 16 January 2017

Date Read: 15 January 2017

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