Review: Clam Jam by RC Boldt

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

“Oh, boy,” I breathe out. Ry is hard, tenting the towel, and I really want it to drop. Accidentally, of course. Like an “oops” moment. Totally harmless and innocent. 
Oh. My. God. I’m a horrible person. I’m thinking of my roommate’s penis! My roommate who has quickly become one of my best friends. 
Oh, the shame! 
Where did this inner slut come from? It’s like she’s been lying in wait—for him, apparently. 
But, really. I can take a little peek, right?

Author RC Boldt’s last release for 2016 was one of my favorite romantic suspense reads and showed just how much she had grown as a writer. With her first release for the new year, she’s proven that she can write a romantic comedy with witty humor courtesy of snappy dialogue and delivered by two of the most adorable main characters I’ve come across in a long while. Oh, and did I mention that Clam Jam is already a favorite of mine this early in the year? 

Throwing her cheating fiancé out of the apartment they shared—but that she owned—was necessary, but now Maggie Finegan finds herself in need of a roommate to help pay the rent. She wants a female roommate because men…well, yeah, she’s not exactly wanting to share her space with yet another member of the opposite sex. But when her best friend convinces her to meet with one prospective roomie, Maggie sees that they’re even better in person than they are on paper…except Ryland James is a guy. Then Ry informs her that he’s gay and in an open relationship with his boyfriend. There’s no chance Maggie could ever fall for a gay roommate, one who could potentially break her heart. Right?

I’ve heard about cock blocking, but clam jamming was new to me. Well, not the idea of a guy trying to, umm, dissuade a girl from hooking up with a potential bed partner, but I didn’t know there was an actual term for it. And Ry James clam jammed by whatever means necessary when it came to Maggie Finegan. These two made me laugh and they made me smile. Who the hell can resist two people who have an affinity for 80s movies, especially one of my all-time favorites, Pretty in Pink? Yeah, I was all about Andie, Blane, and Duckie as a pre-teen. And the napkin notes? Gah! If this were real life, I would have clam jammed AND cock blocked these two just so I could have a shot at Ry myself. 

RC Boldt seriously needs to write more romantic comedies. Clam Jam was a lighthearted read that I finished in one sitting without a single break and didn’t even realize a couple of hours had already passed me by. Nothing could have distracted me from this gem of a read and it’s become my favorite RC Boldt novel to date. Her storytelling had an easy feel to it and the humor never came off as if I was getting beat over the head with it (and not the kind where it’s forced, begging you to laugh because it’s supposed to be funny but failed on delivery). Her cast of characters include main characters that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon and supporting characters who clearly had their own connection going for them but never dared to steal the spotlight. The friendship between Ry and Maggie was natural and the romance was understated (because well, it wasn’t like Maggie should have known her not-so-gay roomie was romancing her) but so damn endearing. I’m highly recommending Clam Jam and give it five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 10 January 2017

Date Read: 10 January 2017

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