Review: Chase the Ace by Clare London (London Lads #1)

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Chase the Ace is a novella written by Clare London and it's the first one in her London Lads series. This is the second edition, having been released previously through a different publisher, but I was never able to read the first one so I can't really point out if there were any changes made to the story. What I will say is that I quite liked what was between the proverbial covers of this edition. From the original tale of a twenty-eight-year-old Londoner named Daniel Cross deciding to find three of the friends he made while at summer camp twelve years ago to the set of very different supporting characters that Daniel comes across on his journey of re-discovery and reminiscing.

Being more active on social media has inspired newly single Daniel Cross to look for Gerry Cole, Mark Cunningham, and Alec Masters. The four of them were the Gang of Four, having fostered friendships while at summer camp. Touching base with an old acquaintance who went to the same football camp is his first step on his journey, but it turns out that he's gotten in touch with the wrong Carson brother, getting Nick instead, two years older than they're group. But Nick shows interest in helping Dan out with his quest, and Dan doesn't mind the company. How will Dan handle crossing paths again with his old friends a dozen years later and his own attraction to Nick Carson?

I think many of us who forged unforgettable friendships when we were younger but lost touch with those friends find ourselves wondering, at least once in our lives, how they may be doing in the here and now. Dan's curiosity isn't just about seeing where life has taken Gerry, Mark, and Alec, but it's also about solving one particular mystery from their time together at camp. Then there's also Dan being at a point in his life where things have changed, and I think he's wanting to take a look at where his life is at compared to those of the old Gang of Four. Nick being his travel companion allowed him to have a more objective perspective on the unfolding events and gave him balance.

Dan is a good guy who I think had made certain assumptions as to how his friends then would be like now that they were nearing thirty. There's surprise and disappointment but at the end of the day, each one of them was at a point where they had made the choices and decisions that they had made through the years and were living with the consequences of those choices and decisions--both the good and the bad consequences. There's a twist to the story, one that I had guessed while reading, but I confess that when it was revealed, I was surprised that I was actually right. The ending was more happy-for-now but it was hopeful and rather apt. Five stars for Chase the Ace. ♥

Date Read: January 11, 2017

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