Review: Alpha, Delta by RJ Scott

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Alpha, Delta is a re-release from author RJ Scott and it's a short story about a London police officer currently assigned with Norway's Emergency Response Unit and a Scottish engineer currently working with NorsDev specializing in platform decommissioning. Finn Hallan is a Delta and being part of the Norwegian ERU requires him to attend seminars covering things like health and safety. It's in one of these seminars that he meets platform decommissioning engineer Niall Faulkner. They start an affair that's based more on when they're both available rather than on actual emotions. Or at least that's what Niall thinks. When he's life is put in danger by terrorists on an oil platform to be decommissioned, will Niall ever learn how Finn really feels if Finn doesn't rescue him in time?

For such a quick read, RJ Scott packed quite a punch, with a palpable combination of action and suspense along with a hint of romance. This is a re-issue of a previously published story and the only thing different is the cover, but the text does need a bit of cleaning up, though it's mostly minor editing issues (i.e. missing punctuation, misspelled words, etc.). Setting those aside, I enjoyed the story and though I do wonder what the author would add to the story if she did make it a full-length novel, I didn't feel as if there was really much missing, story-wise. Yes, maybe a bit more romance would have been nice and I would have wanted to get to know Finn and Niall better, but for a story that's about environmental terrorism, Alpha, Delta played out really well and gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 January 2017

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