Review: Afraid to Fly by L.A. Witt (Anchor Point #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

I kissed his forehead. This was still a young, nebulous thing. It was entirely possible we were still riding the novelty of being with someone new. Maybe I was just enjoying the thrill of an actual functional relationship with a sober man.
I didn’t know if I was in love with him.
I just knew I wanted to be.

The bar was set really high by Paul Richards and Sean Wright's story in Just Drive, the first novel in L.A. Witt's Anchor Point series, but Travis Wilson--who was introduced as Paul's best friend in the series starter--and Clint Fraser met the challenge head on and my heart took flight (See what I did there?) while reading Afraid to Fly, the series's second novel. Commander Travis Wilson soared high as a fighter pilot but eight years ago, he was forced to make a decision that saw his plane crash and him bearing the pain his injuries still bring him, nearly debilitating him on occasion. He's taken risks and while some have paid off, it's the ones that haven't that continue to weigh upon him. Now at forty-five, his main focus is his job on base and taking care of his only daughter Kimber. However, while his career as a pilot may have been permanently grounded, it isn't until he engages in an affair with a fellow Naval officer that Travis wonders if he's ready to fall in love again even if he already anticipates the eventual crash and burn in the aftermath when Clint Fraser decides that dealing with Travis isn't worth all the trouble and leaves.

Being divorced from the only woman he's ever loved and not having his three children with him was not how Lieutenant Commander Clint Fraser imagined he'd be entering his forties. But in his eighteen years with the Navy, sixteen of which he had his family by his side before everything ended two years ago, he's decided now is the time to come out of the proverbial closet and let the Command know that he was bisexual. Only, that particular event turned out to be much different than he imagined, with the one bright spot being the realization that the man he's been crushing on since he arrived in Anchor Point is also bisexual--Travis Wilson. The two quickly become physically involved with one another, but one night isn't enough for them, and soon, emotions get involved. But navigating the choppy waters that include his PTSD, his need to be honest with his ex-wife and children about his sexuality, and his own fear of flying become compounded with thoughts about where his relationship with Travis is leading to. Clint knows what and who he wants, but can he convince Travis that what they share is worth the risk?

Goodness, these two were hot together! Once it became clear that their attraction was mutual, it was as if a match was lit and Travis and Clint sizzled as a couple. But as always, this isn't just about the two of them engaging in sex and eventually falling in love. These two men have deep-rooted issues that are centered around their naval careers. That's not to say that the blame falls solely on the Navy, but Travis and Clint do bear the scars--both physical and otherwise--of decisions and choices they've made in the past. My heart ached for both of them, especially as they struggled to get over their issues, especially since these weren't issues that could simply be shoved to the side or made to seem as if they were inconsequential. I found it really interesting that they had a lot in common and found solace in one another, yet at times, had difficulty embracing that solace, not wanting to be deemed a burden by the other. Their story was hopeful and inspiring yet realistic and is already a favorite. I've got my fingers crossed the five-plus-starred Afraid to Fly isn't the end of the Anchor Point series because I need more! ♥


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Release Date: 16 January 2017

Date Read: 16 January 2017

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