Review: Joint Venture by Kristen Luciani (Venture #4)

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A.J. Morgan knows his playboy ways make for tabloid fodder, but he doesn't feel the urge to do anything about it. If he chooses to deal with his personal demons with hanky panky rather than shedding tears into a hanky and the press goes out of their way to write about it, then so be it. When he gets stuck in an elevator with an overly anxious, ready-to-pass-out woman who he distracts with a kiss, the last thing he expects is for them to cross paths time and again. But Lisa Embry is no ordinary woman. She's an intelligent financial analyst who also happens to be a very talented singer. Oh, and did I forget to mention how she's A.J.'s female counterpart? Neither is looking for declarations of love or wedding vows, but one time together isn't nearly enough. Will their insatiable addiction to one another spell disaster or forever?

Joint Venture is the fourth and final novel in author Kristen Luciani's Venture series and features A.J. Morgan, whom fans of the series will remember as Blue Coat head Paul Emerson's lawyer and close friend, and Lisa Embry, best friend to Jessica Latham and a financial analyst slash singer. These two are like two peas in a pod, which makes for an interesting combination. They make no secret of not wanting to be tied down in a relationship and they seem to have a mutually aversion to sweet nothings and romantic notions. However, hooking up on a regular basis tests their self-imposed limitations and rigid rules, and it was fun waiting to see when these two would realize just how perfect they are for each other. Theirs was a a story that had wit and wistfulness but always with that brand of sensuality that is very much the author's.

I read the first book in the series, Unlikely Venture, over a year ago and about more than ten months after it was originally released. The series was off to a good start and was followed up strongly with Nothing Ventured, which I read a couple of months after having finished the first one. Admittedly, I missed the release of the third book, Venture Forward, but wised up and read it right before heading into the latest and last in the Venture series. All four books work well as standalones, but I'm the kind of reader that usually makes a point of reading books in a series in order, which is what I recommend you do. Each of the books are satisfying reads, so consider it time well spent plus you get a better and more complete reading experience. Joint Venture was a more than fitting end to this fun and flirty series and it receives five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 11 September 2016

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