Review: Venture Forward by Kristen Luciani (Venture #3)

After rescuing a drowning surfer early one morning, instead of hearing words of gratitude, venture capitalist Paul Emerson is surprised to be on the receiving end of actual scorn and rejection. He crosses paths with his fellow surfing enthusiast several more times, there's no denying his growing curiosity and attraction to her. He also finally learns why Avery Hunter dislikes him as much as she does, what with her history with Blue Coat, his venture capital business. Paul's reputation as a cold, calculating, and controlling businessman precedes him, and Avery has had him pegged as even worse, no thanks to one rejection that leads to several wrong assumptions. Both Paul and Avery have a great deal of issues that they've never been able to openly address and deal with. Can they overcome their pasts and find true love?

Venture Forward is the third novel in the Venture series penned by author Kristen Luciani and is the story of Paul Emerson, head honcho of Blue Coat and a supporting character that fans of the series should be more than familiar, and if you're like me, whose story many have been anxiously waiting for. Here he becomes involved with CrowdRok CEO Avery Hunter, who isn't what you'd call a fan of Paul or his reputation. However, her pre-conceived notions aren't all that set in stone, especially as she gets to know him better and sees that there's more to the man she believed to be her enemy. They both have dark pasts when it comes to their respective families and neither are they privy to hidden facts about their professional lives too. What the two undeniably have is spark and a heck of a lot sizzling chemistry to boot.

There's humor and there's angst but Kristen Luciani balances both quite well in my favorite installment in the series so far. I've been curious to read more about Paul ever since he was introduced and because he's been such a standout supporting character. I knew there was much more to him than what was presented in the first two novels. Yes, he's complicated, but that's what makes him such an intriguing hero. He's perfectly paired with Avery and they're forced to overcome a great deal, highlighting the strength of character they both have. I liked that past couples were still part of this third addition to the series, especially since we can see how far the friendships and relationships have come. Venture Forward proved to be a very satisfying read, one packed with quality storytelling and fine character development. 4.5 stars. ♥ 

Date Read: 11 September 2016

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