Review: Yesterday's Tomorrows by M.E. Montgomery

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Long after she was asleep, I still held her, struggling to understand why this broken woman who had nothing but a felony to her name was somehow managing to restore the very piece of me I thought was irreparably beyond repair.

Yesterday's Tomorrows is a new standalone contemporary romance novel with a hint of mystery and suspense from M.E. Montgomery and is my first read from the author. This book turned out to be so much more than I was expecting. It's the story of twenty-four-year-old Madelyn Stone and Holten Andrews, who I'm guessing was either twenty-eight or twenty-nine, and how they were shackled by their dark and painful pasts and found redemption and absolution, and ultimately, love and acceptance, when their paths intersected. There's drama and angst and the burdens these two carry are heavy and filled with guilt, anger, and regret, but there are also those moments where Maddy and Holt let the light break through everything that's weighed them down. In a matter of hours, their story lodged itself in my heart.

Maddy Stone spent more than six year in prison but she's finally leaving the metal bars and cement walls that had kept her housed in. Her freedom is right before her but she knows all to well that her being a convicted felon will never allow her to be fully free. There are parts of her that may remain forever caged in and trusting someone else feels like an improbability. She's trusted in the past, only to be left behind, abandoned yet again by those who were supposed to be by her side. But she's holding on to the promise her new lawyer made her. This is her chance to start over with a new place to live and a work program that will allow her to earn money. But the man who picks her up when she's released--a lawyer sent by her new attorney--looks at her as if she was nothing and never will be more than what she is: a convicted murderer.

Holt Andrews survived losing his wife and getting shot while serving as a Marine. There's been a cloud of gloom that hovers over him, and he refuses to engage a woman in anything more than the limited time required to succumb to his physical needs. All he cares about is his family and his job, but having to play chauffeur to a senior partner's latest client is making him wish he could just ditch her as quickly as he can. Maybe it's her sass or the fact that there's more to her than whatever's in her file, but Holt can't deny that he's intrigued by Maddy Stone. She makes him care about her and makes him feel. That heart of his that he believed died the same day his wife did, beats a bit faster and thumps a tad harder because of her. But will Maddy and Holt be able to let go of their yesterdays and see the possibilities of tomorrows together?

I don't know if I would even classify this as a slow burn romance. Simply put, it was a romance and what a beautifully written love story it was. The main characters are complex and their lives, then and now, are complicated. They're slow to trust and rightfully slow and risking the security and safety being alone has afforded could cost them more than they're able to give. But from the moment they meet, there was just something about Maddy and Holt that felt right. Even when he was being condescending and she was jumping to conclusions, there was this underlying layer that connected them in ways that were difficult to comprehend. But then, love isn't always easily explained or defined. It just is and M.E. Montgomery made me believe in its absolute inevitability with Holt and Maddy in Yesterday's Tomorrows. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 July 2016

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