Review: Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

Note: This ARC was provided by Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Unexpected Reality is a standalone contemporary romance novel with an unconventional but highly appreciated creative twist to it. Written by bestselling author Kaylee Ryan, the synopsis cannot possibly prepare you for what lies between the covers. Yes, you see a tatted up, good looking man holding a newborn in his arms. Like many of you that have seen it, I came up with my own little scenario in my head but it didn't hold a candle to the story of Ridge Beckett. Because I want to maintain the whole "unexpected" feel, I'm going to hold off on giving any details because you're going to want to experience everything as it unfolds and unravels in the story and this is unlike anything that I've read in a long time. 

I really enjoyed the story and loved the journey that Ridge was on, learning things on the fly and discovering the kind of man he is and exactly what he's capable of. There were definitely moments that I couldn't help but go "awww!" and there were times that my heart squeezed in empathy for him. I loved the book up to a certain point because as soon as an unexpected twist was thrown into the mix, I lost a bit of that loving feeling. It was so out of left field that I felt that was nothing more than an unnecessary complication for the main characters to resolve and I was left with questions that had no answers. There were editing issues but I hope they were addressed prior to publication. 3.5 stars for Unexpected Reality. ♥

Date Read: 14 July 2016

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