Review: Total D*ck by Christina Saunders (Bad Bitch #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

Total D*ck is the third and final book in the Christina Saunders-created world of three brothers, each one practicing a different field of law, in the series Bad Bitch. Kennedy Granade is the youngest Granade brother and more carefree and laidback than his two older siblings, Lincoln and Washington. That doesn’t mean, however, that he isn’t good at what he does, even if being a plaintiff’s attorney, mistakenly thought of as an ambulance chaser, at least in Kennedy’s case. But he doesn’t care all that much if he’s seen that way since it tends to have others underestimate him. Just ask Scarlett Carmichael, associate at Stone & Porter. Can a Southern debutante and an unapologetic charmer work together?

One look at the man and his office has Scarlett Carmichael wondering if Kennedy Granade is really as good as his reputation makes him out to be. A workplace whose exterior is begging, at the very least, for a fresh coat of paint and a man begging, at the very least, for a shower do not inspire much confidence in Scarlett, especially if he’s the man her boss claims is the best at what he does. Like the man or not, Scarlett needs to suck it up because she has no other alternative but to work with Kennedy on a case involving stolen intellectual property. She’s reminded enough times by her mother about the kind of man she should choose to spend time with, and Kennedy isn’t it…but he makes her wish that he were.

He doesn’t mind that Scarlett Carmichael has already judged him based on what she saw the first time they met, but Kennedy Granade has always gotten the job done. This particular job they’re both working on, however, has him wanting to break down the prim and proper walls that the female associate from Stone & Porter has erected around herself. The woman needs to let her hair down and realize that work isn’t everything and that there are times where taking a risk is worth the rewards. They shouldn’t make sense together, but each time they cross the line, they do. One other that doesn’t make sense? Their case, and if they aren’t too careful, they could end up hacked and in a way that nothing is retrievable.

This last book in the series would rank second, and my enjoyment of it mostly has to do with the case Kennedy and Scarlett are working on. That’s not to say that there isn’t genuine chemistry between the two. There is, but it didn’t feel immediately believable. I liked that there wasn’t this insta-lust thing going on between them in the beginning, but that soon changed once they were working on the case. I wanted Scarlett and Kennedy to get to know each other even while they were busy with all the inappropriate groping underneath dinner tables, and it was lacking a bit in that department—the getting to know you, not the groping. Still, Total D*ck was an entertaining read and one I’m giving four stars to. ♥

Release Date: 04 July 2016

Date Read: 05 July 2016

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