Review: Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

Note: This ARC was provided by Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

I'd never been so keenly aware of a man and his desire for me pulsing in waves over me. I'd never been so keenly aware of my own desire for a man, to the point of feeling like I was swallowing my heart with every breath.

On a day which I thought was going to end up being rather ho-hum reading-wise, Stealing Home came along and stole my heart, so thank you, Nicole Williams. This was such an endearing read, one that had me smiling more times in the span of a couple of hours than in all the hours I had spent reading whatever else I was reading earlier in the day. There was just something so simple and easygoing about this story that the subtle complexities complemented it instead of making it this overly complicated read where I would be forced to analyze and overthink what the characters were doing and what their motivations were. This was a love story in its truest and purest form and falling in love alongside main characters Luke Archer and Allie Eden and their tale was something I couldn't have stopped from happening, even at my cynical worst.

Luke Archer is only twenty-five but he's already considered a legend in the making, the very best in the world of professional baseball. The fact that he happens to be one of the finest specimens of the male athlete out there—or males in general and anywhere on the planet—makes him an in-demand individual on and off the field. Allie Eden wouldn't hesitate to take a gander that he had no problems finding a willing female whenever he needed and even if he didn't want them around, there were countless women vying for his attention. But that attention is suddenly and surprisingly focused on Allie. The current between them is undeniable, but Allie's been burned by a player before. He seems sincere and Allie's tempted, but is Luke Archer the man she's willing to risk her career and her heart for and if she does, will he be worth it?

Luke, Luke, Luke. I've always had a thing for the name "Luke" (I blame that on the crush I've had on Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill since I first watched Star Wars: A New Hope in the 70s) and Luke Archer is just the latest Luke I've fallen for. Goodness, the man seemed to do no wrong, to the point that he made me wonder if he was too good to be true, something that Allie Eden was also contemplating. This man had everything he could possibly wish for: a career playing the game he loved, more money than he knew what to do with, a team with players and management that had his book, and three sisters he adored without measure. The one woman he wanted didn't want him back, or so he thought. The guy was charming but he was also an honest-to-goodness good person who was believed in true love and "the one".

I really liked Allie and her strength of spirit and her stance on being her own person. She was independent but wasn't this alpha female who was bitchy and demand that everyone acknowledge her prowess or presence. She was still feminine and knew how to acknowledge her attraction towards Luke and opened herself up to the possibilities of being with someone like him. She and Luke were such a great couple to read about and they also happened to be surrounded by a fantastic group of supporting characters, especially Luke's teammate and closest friend Reynolds (I'm assuming that's his last name) and Alexis, better known as Alex, one of Luke's younger sisters, whose text exchange with Luke was so squee-worthy. Luke Archer is my new book boyfriend, and Stealing Home is now a five-plus-starred, 2016 favorite read. ♥

Date Read: 13 July 2016

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