Review: Sleeping with Her Enemy by Jenny Holiday (49th Floor #2)

Sleeping with Her Enemy is the second in the Jenny Holiday-penned 49th Floor contemporary romance series from Indulgence, an Entangled Publishing imprint. Thirty-five-year-old Dax Harris was introduced to readers of the series in the first book, Saving the CEO, as the closest friend of Jack Winter and the owner of Cherry Beach Software, which happens to share the 49th floor of Lakefront Centre with Winter Enterprises. Twenty-nine-year-old Amy Morrison is the vice president of Winter Enterprises and the right-hand person to Jack Winter. While Winter Enterprises and Cherry Beach Software may both belong on the same floor of the same high-rise, Amy and Dax are not friends. When she was introduced to readers in the series starter, she was engaged to her gynecologist boyfriend, Mason Madison. However, at the very beginning of this book, Amy has been left at the altar by Mason, who ended their relationship with nothing more than five words via text. But the end of a relationship sparks the beginning of an unlikely friendship.

Dax and Amy may have an adversarial non-relationship, but when he finds her sobbing in her office after having been jilted by her fiancé, he wants to provide her with the comfort she needs. From there, the two find themselves in a weird sort of frenemy territory, but Dax is there to help distract her from her broken heart while still pushing her buttons, although not as aggressively as before. The more time they spend together, the more the two of them realize that what they once believed to be true of the other turns out to be not quite on-point. And let's not forget about the simmering attraction between them. However, Amy repeatedly tells Dax that she isn't ready for a relationship and Amy knows that Dax has never been in one recently. However, there's a deep and dark reason why Dax refuses to commit himself to anyone. Amy and Dax try to navigate their way from enemies to becoming friends, but when they cross the line, can they remain nothing more than frenemies with benefits or will they be able to transition as full-fledged lovers?

This sequel had some good moments, but there were times where both Dax and Amy seemed to shift from one mood to another and then get all hurt or pissed at the other. Umm, seriously? Amy would become cold and then later wonder why Dax wasn't calling her, or Dax would distance himself but then think it was okay to assume they would go back to hooking up. These two were frustrating, but they also had some sweet and funny exchanges, especially when they're out on the lake or when it's just the two of them, lowering whatever defenses they still have remaining. I adored the first book, so admittedly, my expectations were kind of high with this second one and both the story and the main characters faltered a bit and more times than I would have wanted. However, I wouldn't say that this was a terrible read. I still liked and enjoyed it, but not as much as Saving the CEO. The last chapter, though, ended everything on the right note. Check out Sleeping with Her Enemy for a four-starred enemies-to-friends-to-lovers read. ♥

Date Read: 01 July 2016

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