Review: Scarlet by Aria Cole

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Scarlet is the fourth in a collection of modern fairy tales with an erotic twist from author Aria Cole, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. Upon hearing of her grandmother's health woes, young Scarlet Fair goes to her grandmother's estate to spend the summer with her, clearing her schedule of any plans for a summer job or studying. With her mass of red hair, pale skin, beauty, and innocence, she immediately catches the attention of Beau Loup, her grandmother's landscaper, who also happens to live in the cabin on the property, having bought it from Scarlet's grandmother. In his more than thirty years, Beau has never met a woman that calls to him like Scarlet does and he instinctively knows that no woman ever will. Now that he's found her, Beau is not willing to let go of his "petite rouge" but does Scarlet feel the same?

Aria Cole's latest release satisfies that need for a quick romance read fix. The story may be short but it doesn't lack all too much in terms of story. Beau and Scarlet don't hop into bed or whatever solid surface is conveniently around the first time they meet. There's the whole watching and observing thing going on, and it gets to the point where Beau becomes acutely aware whenever she's close by. Scarlet's grandmother playing unofficial matchmaker was a sweet touch and while it was clear that Scarlet was Little Red Riding Hood, Beau--whose last name means "wolf" in English--feels like a combination of both the wolf and the woodsman in the classic fairy tale in that Scarlet is like his prey of sorts but he also serves as someone who rescues her, gives her life purpose, and teaches her about love, passion, and desire. Scarlet gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 15 July 2016

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