Review: Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday (49th Floor #1)

Saving the CEO is the first book in the 49th Floor contemporary romance series from Jenny Holiday and published under Entangled Publishing's Indulgence imprint. The series starts off with the story of thirty-seven-year-old real estate mogul Jack Winter and twenty-nine-year-old part-time college student and bartender Cassie James. Jack lives his life by a set of rules and is known for his routine. He heads to Edward's, a bar and restaurant located between his home and his office on the 49th floor of the Lakefront Centre, on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. When he shows up on a Tuesday and decides to sit at the bar since his usual table isn't available, he takes the staff by surprise, especially Cassie. They've secretly nicknamed him "Ebenezer", not because of his being a miser--far from it since he's quite generous with his tips--but because he isn't exactly a conversationalist and prefers his privacy. But there's something about the curvaceous bartender that has Jack paying more attention than he usually does and he's quite curious.

Cassie James may not fit the bill when compared to the other females on staff at Edward's but she does a rather good job manning the bar and interacting with her customers. Jack may have always seemed standoffish but he warms up to her soon enough, and it may have to do with the fact that he's attracted to her. The man is a stickler for rules but he's been breaking quite a few of them from the moment he goes to the restaurant on a Tuesday and sits at her bar. The fact that Cassie appears to be a math whiz is something that he knows needs to take credence over whatever lustful fantasies he has, especially since he has a rule about sleeping with employees. Jack needs Cassie to help him with a much-coveted piece of property his company wants to buy. Jack suffers from dyscalculia and with his recent discovery of his close friend and the CFO stealing money from Winter Enterprises, Jack desperately needs someone he can trust. Jack and Cassie will need to adhere to a set of rules...but rules are meant to be broken, aren't they?

This was an enjoyable read, one that had two opposites meld together in unexpected ways. The story is refreshingly different and with Jack having dyscalculia, I was off Googling to learn more about it. An extremely wealthy man who has difficulty with numbers and a woman struggling to afford to finish her Math degree and pay for her mother's rehabilitation bills who looks at numbers and understands them well make for a very interesting coupling. Add to that Jack and his rigid rules...but then all it took was a woman like Cassie to help him either bend or break them. Jack has always been about making each deal a successful one, so his number one priority has always been his work. When Cassie enters his life, however, she enables him to see that maybe there are more important things than clinching a piece of land or structure or making sure that every rules is followed to a T. The story was paced well and I quite liked both Jack and Cassie, though I admit Danny (no last name) was a favorite as well. 4.5 stars for Saving the CEO. ♥

Date Read: 01 July 2016

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