Review: Resonance by Lillian Francis (Village Love #0.5)

Resonance is a short story by Lillian Francis and serves as a prequel to her Village Love series. It isn’t, however, set in the actual village of Slopy Bottom. What it does is introduce readers to Frederick Brandt, a handyman born, raised, and resides in Slopy Bottom, and Malik Mamood, a diagnostic radiographer. The two meet when Rick comes in for an MRI appointment for his aching shoulder and Mal’s voice becomes a soothing voice of comfort to Rick while he has to endure the nearly hour-long wait inside the MRI machine. Rick has formed an image of Mal in his image based on his voice alone, but when he finally sees Mal, it turns out that the man is nowhere near how he envisioned him and he’s now at a loss.

This is the kind of read that you can get through in a limited amount time, with me finishing it in less than twenty minutes’ time. I liked the idea that Mal’s voice alone lulls Rick, helping him abate the feeling of being closed in, and that serves as the beginning of Rick daydreaming about him. I wasn’t too big of a fan about what happened in the locker area because it seemed inappropriate and unprofessional, two things that Mal didn’t come off as. Other than that one thing, the short story was a fairly enjoyable read and it was fun how these two seemed to find this honest-to-goodness connection, one that they were both interested in pursuing. Rick and Mal’s story continues in Resistance; Resonance receives 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 July 2016

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