Review: Resistance by Lillian Francis (Village Love #1)

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Introduced in the short story Resonance, Frederick Brandt and Malik Mamood return to a much longer continuation of their love story in Lillian Francis’s Resistance, with both stories part of her Village Love series. While the prequel wasn’t set in the village of Slopy Bottom, where I’m assuming the rest of the series will be set, this series starter was and it takes place a few weeks into the on-going relationship of Rick and Mal. Rick has been a lifelong of the quaint and quirky village but no one has a clue that he’s actually gay. The only people who do know are his parents and two best friends, but all four are no longer in Slopy Bottom. Because of his secret, Rick has been hesitant to invite Mal to his home for a visit—although he originally did in the short story—until, that is, Mal takes matters into his own hands…

When Mal informs Rick that he isn’t just planning to visit him in Slopy Bottom but is actually on his way, the move forces the two of them to not divulge the facts regarding their relationship. To everyone in the village, Mal is introduced as Rick’s friend, nothing more, nothing less. While Mal may claim to be okay with how things are and assures Rick that he doesn’t want to push him into coming out of the closet in the place he’s always considered home, Mal does find himself wondering if there will ever come a time that Rick will be open about his sexuality. Mal’s pretty sure that Rick and one other person—who happens to be openly gay—are the only ones who are gay in Slopy Bottom, but Rick is ruled by his fear of being shunned. Rick appreciates Mal’s patience but will the time that his patience runs out come soon?

I liked how the author was able to strike a balance of sorts in this book. She gave us a story revolving around Rick and Mal and how to deal with their relationship in the little village of Slopy Bottom while also showing us what Slopy Bottom is like and why it’s a place Rick has never wanted to really leave and one that Mal finds himself falling in love with. This being a smaller, more tight-knit community presents a different challenge for the couple, unlike couples who live in more cosmopolitan areas in the metro, because everyone here is everyone else’s business and keeping a secret is far more difficult than you would think. There were times that I felt frustrated with both Rick and Mal because these two so needed better communication skills instead of keeping whatever feelings they had for fear of rejection.

Slopy Bottom is an interesting place and the villagers tend to toe the line being caring and crowding others with their nosiness. I live in a gated community and I know firsthand what it’s like to have people gossiping about their neighbors and what they think may be going on behind closed doors and shut curtains. It’s almost as if they think life is more interesting in someone else’s house, so you learn to live with it and laugh if off, for as long as it isn’t vicious rumor-mongering or downright reputation-destroying. In Slopy Bottom, being nosy is part of them showing they care about their neighbours and there are already a few that I find myself rather curious about, namely, Adam and Smudge. I have my fingers crossed that we get their stories as the Village Love series progresses. Four stars for Resistance. ♥

Release Date: 05 July 2016

Date Read: 05 July 2016

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