Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Jay Northcote (Housemates #3)

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Practice Makes Perfect is the third and latest book in the Jay Northcote-penned MM romance series entitled Housemates, which features the newest housemate, Dev, and one of the housemates from next door, Ewan. Wanting to start fresh and get away from all the bashing and bullying he encountered in the past year, Dev grabs the opportunity to live in a house with other people who don't look at him as if he's weird or treat him differently because he's gay. He comes up with a list of things he wants ticked off sooner rather than later because while he may be great when it comes to his studies, he's clueless when it comes to sex. Fortunately for him, Ewan comes up with a barter system that has both of them benefiting. Ewan needs help with his math and Dev needs help with sex, and Ewan offers to teach Dev whatever he needs to know if Dev will tutor him. Neither one needs the hassle of a relationship, but as Dev and Ewan go through the list, they grow closer. Could Ewan be the one to check the last thing off of Dev's list: Find a boyfriend?

This story was cute and it was all due to how Dev and Ewan were with one another. Virginal Dev needs a lot of help in the sex department but the guy is a quick study, much to the thrill of Ewan, who finds himself drawn to Dev even though he's sworn off relationships. There are times that Dev is completely clueless but it's more of endearing than a frustrating thing and Ewan's patience and understanding earned him bonus points in my eyes. Just like with the first two books, this book may be a short and quick read, but it doesn't skimp in terms of giving readers a good quality story and two main characters that you can easily like. Another thing I loved in this book was having the first two couples, Jez and Mac and Rupert and Josh, around and seeing how much progress they've made in their respective relationships. I'm hoping that the series will continue, especially because there's one character I've been curious about from the beginning, so maybe he'll get his story told next (fingers crossed!). Practice Makes Perfect gets four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 22 June 2016

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