Review: The Photographer's Truth by Ralph Josiah Bardsley

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The Photographer's Truth is the second standalone novel from author Ralph Josiah Bardsley and is the story of two men who unexpectedly meet and whose lives are irrevocably changed from the time forward.This is my second Ralph Josiah Bardsley read, his first one, Brothers, evoking emotions through his simple yet passionate prose, and so far, it appears as if the author can do no wrong. This is a story layered in complexities, and it may not be for everyone, especially since one of the main characters happens to be married with children when he and the other main character meet. I do, however, encourage you to set aside whatever preconceived notions you may have and give the book a chance, not only because of the admirable quality of writing but because of the deeper and more intriguing tale it tells.

Ian's life appears to be the kind others would envy, an ideal others aspire to reach. His job as a software programmer lands him a project that takes him to Paris and away from his wife and children for three months. There he meets Luca, a fashion photographer whose reputation lives on even though he no longer practices his craft for his own personal reasons. The two bond and form a friendship, one that soon develops into something more, something that threatens the normalcy and balance that they've enjoyed and cherished. The lives they've gotten used to could be lost to both of them forever, especially Ian, who has more than himself to consider. The choice is not an easy one to make. Does he choose to be honest with himself and live the life that makes him happiest or does Ian choose the life that is expected of him?

There's something about Ralph Josiah Bardsley's writing that simply works for me. There's nothing easy about what his main characters go through, each one in stuck in the middle of crossroads and forced to choose which path they're to take. Ian and Luca are complicated characters, with dark pasts that neither one wishes to acknowledge but they're there in the shadows, still haunting them. Whatever decision Ian has to make in the story leaves someone behind, ending a life with the person he's with. Does he choose to be with his wife and children or does he choose to be with the man who has awoken the real him? This isn't your typical story with a happily-ever-after that has everyone holding hands and singing "Kumbaya". It's real, its beauty lying beneath its painful truths. I'm giving The Photographer's Truth five out of five stars. ♥

Release Date: 12 July 2016

Date Read: 01 July 2016

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