Review: No Pants Required by Kim Karr

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Cuteness gracious, I adored this book! The title alone grabbed my attention and the synopsis reeled me in, but thank goodness the story and characters were able to back it all up because No Pants Required had me from the get-go and my focus never wavered. This is first Kim Karr read so I can't compare it to her previous releases, though I have heard from friends that this is very different from her usual fare. If this is Karr's first foray into the realm of romantic comedy, you wouldn't be able to tell. The humor isn't in-your-face, relying on subtlety and wit rather than slapstick. The banter between the main characters is the kind I like--a bit of teasing, a smidgen of taunting, and whole lot of sexual tension mixed in with that comfortable feeling they develop over time. This was a fun read with enough angst and drama to tug your heartstrings.

Makayla Alexander is ready for a change. She leaves her life in New York for a new one in California. Her best friend wants her to let go and live free and Makayla wants to disprove her ex-boyfriend's accusation that she's boring. Armed with a best friend-written and -approved list of ten things to do, Makayla wonders how she's going to check off each item. Her seatmate on the plane seems to be a more than prime candidate for a couple of things, but when she glimpses his tattoo, she realizes that he's the same guy she caught in a compromising position the night before. Makayla bolts, thankful she'll never have to see him again. Except her seatmate turns out to be Camden Waters, her best friend's next-door neighbor...which makes him Makayla's neighbor. And Cam plans on giving Makayla one unforgettable California welcome.

No Pants Required was such an easy read, the kind that would be perfect for one afternoon of you curled up in your favorite chair as the rain pours outside (since it's the rainy season over here) or maybe somewhere on the beach soaking up the sun (for wherever it's summer). Makayla and Cam are at a point in their lives where they're trying to figure out what it is they want to do with themselves, to find that one thing they're passionate about and make a living out of it. In the process of their respective soul-searching, they find each other, and it's like finding that other half of yourself. He gets her as much as she gets him. They have a lot of satisfying and amazing sex but they also share sweet and lighthearted moments together, the kind that tend to etch themselves on their consciousness. Five stars for No Pants Required. ♥

Date Read: 12 July 2016

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