Review: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Prior to her latest release, my three other Alessandra Torre reads were more lighthearted fare--Hollywood Dirt, Sole (a short story in the multi-authored For the First Time anthology), and Love, Chloe--so Moonshot was something completely new to me. Okay, maybe not exactly completely new since the author's writing is as superb as ever. Here, she's given readers and fans such a unique story with a number of twists straight out of left field, and I mean that in a totally good way. You don't see it coming but then in hindsight, the twist fits because everything that came before it makes much more sense now that everything's been revealed. This is a long read but it's an all-consuming one so there's no time to be bored.

Baseball wasn't just some passing fancy for Tyler Rollins. From the moment she began living with her father, a baseball legend himself, baseball became a living, breathing thing for her and the Yankees were the one team she cheered on. Her knowledge of the game was exemplary, which was why at seventeen, she knew that the move to have hotshot Chase Stern donning the pinstripes of the Yankees was a big deal. At twenty-two, he was already showing signs of becoming the kind of baseball player that teams could build on or work around and with. But they both fall victim to the follies of youth and after one meaningful moment together, their lives shift, altering their destinies, that of the Yankees', and four women's forever.

I won't go into what the story entails because then what would be the point in you reading the book? This is the kind of story that needs to be read with nothing more than the blurb and maybe a couple or so spoiler-free reviews to go on, if you're the type of reader who turns to reviews first. What I am able to say is you should expect the unexpected with this standalone and that to reserve whatever judgment you may be forming in the middle of the story until the very end. There's a reason for everything that happens here and experiencing at firsthand, along with the characters and not via spoilers, is what will make for a far better read. Moonshot is my third Alessandra Torre read and I continue to be quite satisfied. Five stars. ♥

Release Date: 04 July 2016

Date Read: 03 July 2016

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