Review: Like a Lover by Jay Northcote (Housemates #2)

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Like a Lover is the second book in author Jay Northcote's Housemates series and it turns the spotlight on Josh, who was introduced in the series starter, Helping Hand. Josh is focused on finishing his degree and is doing so by earning enough money as an escort. The fact that he gets paid for something he enjoys doing is a bonus. He doesn't do relationships nor has ever had an inclination to do so. After all, what kind of boyfriend would allow him to continue being an escort? Relationships mean nothing more than additional complications and the last thing Josh needs is a complication. But then he meets Rupert in a bar and the interest is more than mutual. Rupert's never had to pay for sex before, but there's something about Josh that has him addicted and it's an addiction that isn't exactly cheap, but Rupert's inheritance allows him to indulge in everything Josh has to offer. But Rupert finds himself hoping that Josh could offer more. He wants a relationship but will Josh truly ever be ready to offer up more than his body for money to Rupert?

This book was my favorite among the three available books in the series so far and the only thing it shares with the whole Pretty Woman theme is that Josh gets paid to have sex with clients. This was such a great read and one that I couldn't help but sigh over more than once while I was reading it. From the moment they meet, there's this palpable connection between Josh and Rupert, but everything already starts off as complicated. Josh needs the money he makes as an escort to continue with his studies and Rupert is the kind of man who is more "relationship" than "hook-up". But these two men find themselves bending their whatever rules they may have because of this inexplicable thing that is going on with them. There isn't this instant feeling of love and affection; it was attraction and lust that slowly and surely grew into much more each time they saw each other and continued to develop even when they were apart. I love complicated love stories but always in moderation and Like a Lover achieved that quite nicely. This one gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 22 June 2016

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