Review: Ice by Chris Quinton & RJ Scott (Salisbury #2)

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Ice is the second novel in the Salisbury M/M romance series from the writing duo of Chris Quinton and RJ Scott. This can be read as a standalone, but I do encourage you to read the first novel, Heat, especially since there were characters there that not only appear here but are mentioned as well, plus it isn't too lengthy of a read. Of course, you can always choose to head into this sequel without reading book one, and that's fine and all, but if you do become curious about Lewis Mandineau and Devon Trelawney, whose love story book one is all about, and Lewis's sister, Rachel, and how their restaurant was damaged, read Heat.

Jonathan Ellis was introduced in Heat as a building restoration specialist, but now we learn that he's the twenty-nine-year-old co-owner of Ageless Wood and is busy with his latest project, the restoration of Laurels, the restaurant owned by Lewis Mandineau and Devon Trelawney. When his uncle and partner has an accident making it impossible for him to continue with the actual restoration process, Jon knows he has to bring an extra pair of hands in. Lo and behold, in walks Gregor Drakowski. When Jon asks Greg to show him what he's capable of, Jon is impressed, but he's also too curious about the flirty stranger with secrets.

Twenty-three-year-old Greg Drakowski is a treasure hunter for profit. When his closest friend is killed during their last project, Greg is weighed down by guilt. He's agreed to one last task and plans on giving half his share to his friend's family. All he needs to do is to get himself hired at Laurels and then look for long-lost diamonds that will guarantee him a more than comfortable retirement. The one thing Greg didn't expect was to find himself attracted to his new boss, Jon Ellis. He would love nothing more than to explore a future with him, but is that even possible for the two when Greg's been lying to Jon all this time?

This was a nicely paced story that wasn't limited to being a romance between Greg and Jon. There's some suspense with regards to a plot involving Greg and his fellow treasure hunters and then there's also a bit of mystery when it comes to the missing diamonds. It was nice having Lewis and Devon (and Rachel!) in this second book, but I was glad to see that they didn't steal the spotlight from Jon and Greg. I am curious though if a third book is planned and if it'll be about Etienne LaSalle because I wouldn't mind reading his story. Overall, Ice was a well-written and very satisfying addition to the ongoing Salisbury series. 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 02 July 2016

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