Review: Hitched: Volume Two by Kendall Ryan (Imperfect Love #2)

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The unconventional love story between Noah Tate and Olivia Cane continues in Hitched: Volume Two, the second installment in the Improper Love series from bestselling author Kendall Ryan. Things pick up soon after where the first book left off. Olivia disappeared right before the wedding that would have fulfilled one part of what was required both her and Noah to gain ownership of Tate & Cane, the business their fathers started. Noah can only speculate what led to Olivia running off, but when she finally confesses the truth behind her runaway bride fiasco, Noah’s protectiveness takes over. Olivia can’t help but appreciate Noah’s support and help, and she begins to see him in a new light. Can these two adversaries finally find more common ground and forge an actual friendship? However, Noah wants to be more than friends, but will he be able to convince Olivia that nothing about his feelings for her are fake?

I was surprised by how quickly the issue Olivia was facing was resolved and how the story was focused more on the relationship between Olivia and Noah. I did find myself frustrated with Olivia because of how she would be gushing with appreciation over Noah’s help with her initial situation one minute and then treat him like a horny leper the next. I felt for the guy, especially since it was clear that he was being sincere and that he was trying his best to show her that he was more than the playboy she pegged him out to be. Clearly my sympathies were for Noah while I was reading this second volume, though I do admit to wishing he would have brought up the whole second stipulation in the agreement their fathers’ came up with. But hey, after the cliffhanger ending here, I can’t wait to see what lengths Noah will go to in order to rectify his blunder and finally claim his wife for real. So far, so good. Four stars for Hitched: Volume Two. ♥

Release Date: 19 July 2016

Date Read: 17 July 2016

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